Kalyan Mosque

Kalyan Mosque

Kalyan Mosque Madrasah Highlights

Kalan Mosque was completed in the year 1514, in the Khanate of Bukhara. It is equal in size to the Bibi-Khanym Mosque in Samarkand. The roof of the galleries encircling the mosque's inner courtyard has 288 domes resting on 208 pillars. Facing the courtyard is a tall tiled Iwan portal, for entry to the main prayer hall. The mosque is surmounted by a large blue tiled dome and is onen of the Tourist Attractions in Bukhara and a must visit place while you are in Uzbekistan Tours.

Kalyan Mosque Design and Architecture:

The Kalyan Mosque in Bukhara has a traditional rectangular plan with four ayvans. The unusual beauty of mosaic frames the facade of the mosque, covered with glaze. The dome, which merges with the blue of the sky, towering over all the buildings of the city, and it gives the impression of massiveness of the building.

Despite this, the architecture of the mosque Kalyan differs with simple, clarity and proportionality of forms. There are the inscriptions of Holy Muslim book – Koran on the wall of the mosque.

The main entrance – East is decorated with a large portal, coverd with mosaics. The platform is on a raised platform, and a few steps lead to the courtyard of the mosque.

Kalyan Mosque is one of the most impressive mosques in Central Asia. It is one of the first works of architecture of the Uzbek state.

Abdulaziz Khan Madrasah
Abdulaziz Khan Madrasah
Abdulaziz Khan Madrasah

Kalyan Mosque Highlighted Point Of Attraction:

The highlighted point of attraction in the Kalyam Mosque are the two of the main architecture structures. You can see Kalyan Minaret and Masjidi Kalon here and start your pilgrimage journey with Uzbekistan Tours.

As per Uzbekistan Travel Advice, the best time to visit this place is from May to September and enjoys some of the festivals celebrated in the place here.

The Kalyan Mosque is one of the best holy places in Bukhara and you can enjoy visiting place with family and friends.

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