Getting Around Turkmenistan

Getting Around Turkmenistan

Air - transport

Air-transport is reliable and fast in Turkmenistan. For those who are looking for a hassle-free and quick way of traveling, they can depend on Domestic Turkmenistan Airlines flights. However, it can be a little expensive option.

Marshrutkas , Minibuses & Shared Taxis

Marshrutkas and minibusses are the most effective and cheap ways to get around. However, they are not ideal for long journeys. So if you are going to travel long-distance a shared taxi can be a good option as well it’s not much expensive. There are buses are available to travel around the country though they are a little slow to get around.


Trains are also a comfortable way to roam around the country. Mostly train fares are taken in US dollars. Train fairs for 8 hours can cost you around S$15 to US$20.

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