Do’s And Don’ts In Turkmenistan

Do’s And Don’ts In Turkmenistan

Do’s -

  • Take off your shoes while entering to holy spots and someone’s house

  • Bring some gift like cake or sweets if invited for dinner to someone’s house

  • In Turkmenistan you will find a small table with a very low-height for eating and a table cloth get spread over it. Make sure not to step on it

  • While sitting on the floor to eat make sure your foot don’t point towards the food

  • While visiting to someone’s house you will get offered a bread, if you are in hurry then also break and taste the bread as not accepting bread is considered as disrespect. Break the bread in both hands.

  • Ask permission to take photo.

Don’ts -

  • Leave some food on your plate, don’t eat it all

  • Don’t whistle inside a building, as it is believed by the local it brings financial problems

  • Don’t sneeze or pick your nose during a conversation in table

  • Don’t throw hat on the floor

  • Do not kiss, hug, or hold hands in public, as locals are very conservative

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