Getting To Turkmenistan

Getting To Turkmenistan

Turkmenistan is a country residing in the south of Central Asia. There are almost 5 million people are living. With half a million square kilometers the country is a great historical attraction point for the travelers who love to discover the ancient world. Nearly 80% of the country is deserted land, with some modern town like Ashgabat, Turkmenbashi, and more.

With many archaeological sites and old monuments, the country attracts those who are in love with historical facts and destinations. If you are traveling from overseas, the country offers various international airports for you to land. Many international flight operators are operating their flights to Turkmenistan.

The international airports of the countries are

Ashgabat ------------------- Ashgabat International Airport

Balkanabat ------------------ Balkanabat Airport

Dashoguz --------------------- Dashoguz Airport

Atamyrat -------------------- Kerkiçi Airport

Mary -------------------------- Mary Airport

Turkmenbashi --------------- Turkmenbashi Airport

Turkmenabat ------------------ Turkmenabat Airport

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