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Ashgabat is the capital city of Turkmenistan. The city is known as the city of marbles due to its highest counting buildings that are made off of marbles. There are more than 540 buildings that are made out of Marbles.

The city has always surprised its visitors. Mostly, the country is off the list of many visitors. However, the few tourists visit the city knows how beautiful it is. The city is though considered as a much-wired city of Central Asia. The city is eerily quiet and it’s hard to spot many travelers on the road. However, you can spot many armed guards in the important streets and buildings which gives a feel being safe despite being so quiet. The city is quite interesting and so its rules. You can’t drive a dirty vehicle in the city as its illegal to do so.


The city is comparatively a younger city from other cities in Central Asia. The name of the city means "city of love" or "city of devotion" in modern Persian. The city was primarily a wine village in the 2nd Century BC and developed until the 13th century until it was not destroyed by the Mongols. Till the 19th century, it has survived as a village. It was developed after the 19th Century when Russians took over it. After a long time being a part of the Soviet Union it got its freedom on 27 October 1991.

Important Sights to explore

  • Alem Entertainment Center- witness the Guinness Book Record holder complex

  • The 600ft Constitution Monument- established in Ashgabat with a Tele-radio Centre

  • Saparmurat Niyazov- golden statute of the president

  • The Serdar Health Path- A concrete steeped path constructed by Niyazov is for the Walk of Health

  • Oguzkhan Presidential Palace-the official president headquarters

  • Ruhyýet Palace - where the official state events, forums, meetings, inaugurations takes place

  • Wedding Palace - Explore the civil registry building

Apart from these explore many theatres, mosques, churches, and sports stadiums.

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