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Darvaza is a gas carter of Turkmenistan that is at the heart of Karakum Desert. The gas carter is truly interesting and almost all the tourists come to Turkmenistan to visit it especially for witnessing the burning gas crater. For more than 50 years the gas carter is continuously burning.

Locals call it Door to Hell or Gate of Hell, the carter is not any volcanic or Magma. It’s only a gas carter that was accidentally set on fire and its burning to date. Some theory says the Geologists intentionally set it on fire to stop the Methane gas from spreading across.

The gas carter has spread across 5,350 m2 and has a 69m diameter with 30m depth. The area surrounding the gas carter is a popular place for wild desert camping. The carter is near the village Derweze which is about 260 kilometers north of the capital of Turkmenistan.

According to an archaeologist the site was first discovered by the Soviet engineers in 1971. The site was thought to be an oil-filled site however, after drilling it was found to be a natural gas pocket. Later the drilling rig and camp collapsed a big crater initiated. The engineers expected dangerous gases to get released from the carter and hence they thought to put it on fire. They thought to burn the gas. However, there is no clear evidence when the carter was set on fire. It is believed to be on fire for more than 50 years.

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