Practical Information Of Uzbekistan

Practical Information Of Uzbekistan


The official exchange rate for September 2017 was about $1: 8000 som. Exchanging money on the black market is typical for local people and everybody does it but that doesn't change the way that you could at present actually find a good pace a very long time in jail for it.

As there is no more distinction between black market and official rates it just makes no sense. Simply go to any bank office or utilize the bigger hotels where they normally have official currency exchange kiosk and change cash there. The US dollar is certainly the foreign currency of choice.


ATMs do work with foreign cards, yet operate at the official exchange rate, and are typically vacant. Consequently it's smarter to get prepare with sufficient dollars to maintain a strategic distance from such circumstance. Visa Cash machines do dispense uzbeksoms and Mastercard cash machines dispence US dollars - be that as it may, be cautious about pulling back countless dollars and afterward leaving Uzbekistan with more cash than you declared when you entered.


In Uzbekistan people traditionally buy goods at bazaars. Costs are fixedin department stores only. Bazaars are the best spot to watch the day by day life of local people. The Alayski Bazaar is one of the most seasoned and most popular bazaars of Central Asia. You will discover wonderful carpets, silk, flavors, crafted works and customary garments in the EskiDjouva and ChorSu bazaars in the Old City of Tashkent.


Close to 90% of Uzbeks claim to be Muslim

About 10% of the population is Christian (mostly Eastern Orthodox)


5 hrs ahead of GMT


There is no any car hire chains available in the country. Car hire can be arranged distinctly with the driver as the government has strict driving guidelines.


The Uzbek language is the only the official language. Russian is additionally spoken generally in Tashkent and among more seasoned people across the country.Tadjik is helpful for the urban areas like Samarkand and Bukhara, English is comprehended by very few outside outside Tashkent, however in urban communities like Samarkand, Bukhara and Khiva it ought not to be an issue.


Spring - first half of tourist season falls on spring months: March, April, May

Autumn -the second half is in August, September and October.


The international code for Uzbekistan is 998, then 71 for Tashkent, 93/94(Ucell), 90/91 (Beeline) or 98 (Perfectum Mobile) for mobiles.


In general most government workplaces and banks are open from 9am to 5pm Monday to Friday, with 60 minutes (or two) off for lunch among early afternoon and 1pm, and potentially 9am to early afternoon on Saturday. All workplaces and a few shops are closed on Sunday. Exchange offices keep longer hours, including ends of the week.


No obstacles are displayed to guests who wish to photo spots of authentic intrigue. Photography inside some strict landmarks and in air terminals, railroad stations or close to army bases may not be permitted. If all else fails ask your local guide.


Travelers may wish to express their gratefulness - a compensation for additional assistance - to the porters, waiters, drivers and guides. The level of gratefulness may fluctuate, and our strategy is to leave this to your discretion. This is generally given exclusively in an envelope toward the finish of the visit/administration.


Many cafes and bars have a toilet facility, yet it is encouraged to stay away from unhygienic public toilets. Guests are encouraged togo to the nearest hotel, or if there is no other option, to utilize pay toilets. It ought to be noticed that toilet facilities are limited even in Tashkent, also common capitals or the territories along the motorways.


Guests who plan to remain in Uzbekistan for longer than a month are encouraged register with their Embassy/consulate. On the off chance that a guest is hospitalized, robbed, imprisoned or otherwise rendered helpless, consular authorities will help make courses of action to discover a translator or to offer advice. They can likewise re-issue passports or in some emergency cases, give cash to get guests home.

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