Uzbekistan Visa

Uzbekistan Visa

There are 54 countries whose citizens enjoy visa-free entry to Uzbekistan. Apart from the 52 countries, all other nationalists require a visa for entering Uzbekistan. The country introduced e-visa on 15 July 2018. If you are looking for acquiring an e-visa you can apply it on the portal online.

Once your application will be received, you will receive a confirmation on email and will get the quote for acquiring the visa. Once the visa will be ready you will receive a confirmation email. If you are traveling from the US then you have to pay US$20 for a single-entry visa and US$35 for double-entry and US$50 for multiple-entry.

If you need to obtain a visa from the embassy then you can apply for it after receiving the telex number. Once you will apply you have to fill the visa application form as well as provide your passport, telex number, and one passport-size photo. You can also download the tourist visa from Uzbekistan from

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