Getting Around Uzbekistan

Getting Around Uzbekistan

Like other countries, Uzbekistan has many methods of transport, though there are means of travel that you want to choose instead of others for both comfort and convenience.


If you are a person who values class in service and equipment, then this could get a little hard, especially on long trips. Plan your trip to ensure you take long train rides during the cold, as there is no shower or air conditioning on board, along with very unclean equipment, i.e. toilets. There is an incredibly simple and quite comfortable main line of transport that goes around from Tashkent through to Bukhara, passing Samarkand on the way.

If you’re travelling in the main season, make sure to book your tickets in advance as the speed trains are sold out quickly. Make sure to bring your passport and cash for buying your tickets.


If you have a lot of money, Taxis are the best option. There is some negotiating that has to be involved, as you might have guessed there is a lot of drivers who take advantage of tourists and will rip you off.

When taking a taxi in a public place, expect there always to be a shared seat.

Also in regards to being ripped off, learn some of the language so you can interpret the price that the driver is charging the new passengers, often they will demand from you a high rate while charging locals regular payment due to language barriers.


Cars seem like the appropriate option, but be wary.

If you do choose to rent a car, always be sure to bring credentials, as previously mentioned there is a lot of patrols, when being stopped it isn’t uncommon to be in a situation requiring a bribe, as soon as you validate your identity you will be left alone.

A very good alternative is to hire a local driver in Uzbekistan.


Since buses don’t operate interstate that often, they don’t serve many purposes for backpackers or anyone visiting. If you do plan to take the bus, it is more of a scheduling process rather than spontaneous; it is quite hard to find information on the dates and times, which are also known to change based on the fluctuation of transport holdings and stops. When taking a bus, ensure that you buy tickets in advance, the reason being is that a lot of locals are on due to the low prices in comparison to other forms of transport, so make sure you plan, or you risk being left out.

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