Uzbekistan Currency

Uzbekistan Currency

Overview Of Uzbekistan Currency

The name of Uzbekistan Currency is “Som”, which can be pronounced as “Soum”. The value of 1 USD is equal to Rs.10, 160 Uzbekistan Som (UZS). The Uzbek Currency Information is essential for monetary transactions during Uzbekistan Tours, as “Som” is the only currency that will help you for a hassle-free smooth trip.

As several empires and dynasties left their marks and remnants as beautiful monuments with great architecture and elegant design, Uzbekistan with its monuments with prolonged history and vibrant cultures grab the attention of the world. Apart from this, other things such as traditional bazaars, natural sights, festivals, amusement centres and Uzbek foods make Uzbekistan a perfect tourist destination.

About Uzbekistan Som

After the independence of Uzbekistan from the Soviet Union, Uzbekistan has been used “Ruble”, the currency of Russia as its Uzbek Local Currency till July 1993. On 26 July 1993, the ruble was ceased as a legal tender in Russia after the issuance of a new series of the Russian ruble. On 15th November of the same year, Uzbekistan replaced the ruble with Som and only banknotes were produced in different denominations.

To use “Som” as transitional currency for voucher based system, the design of its first currency was simple. All banknotes had printed Coat of arms as the state emblem of Uzbekistan on one side and the famous Sher-Dor Madrasah, in Registan Square, on its other side. But the coins were not issued.

The second Som was introduced on 1st July 1994 with a higher money value which is equivalent to 10, 000 old Som and three series of coin have been issued for new Som.

As Uzbekistan Currency- Som is a closed currency, it’s difficult to buy or exchange before leaving the country after enjoying Uzbekistan Tours. If you have some amount of Uzbekistani Som that has been left in your previous tour, then you will need a special allowance from Uzbekistan authorities to enter Uzbekistan.

Uzbekistan Currency Exchange Rate & Forecasts

While getting around Uzbekistan, you need to carry cash in both USD and UZS for Uzbekistan Money & Costs. You can use US Dollars for purchases in hotels or shops. If you are carrying Euros, British pounds, Japanese Yen or others, you can exchange it in airport exchange chamber, banks of Uzbekistan, private banks or any financial institutions.

Uzbekistan Currency
Uzbekistan Currency
Uzbekistan Currency

Foreign Currency Exchange in Uzbekistan is easy and choosing the black market to exchange currency is not worthy to take risks. Other reason to avoid black market is because of lower exchange rate as the market collapsed after the regulation of reformed foreign currency policies in September, 2017.

Due to tie up with Visa, others with MasterCard, some banks or ATMs provide Uzbekistan Currency with a 3% commission rate. You can identify the ATMs by identifying the logo. But, the ATMs except few cities of Uzbekistan do not work in Sunday.

To exchange the currency in the bank of Uzbekistan, you need to show the Uzbekistan Visa, passport and even the customs declaration which confirms you brought the currency into Uzbekistan. After that, the cashier will stamp the declaration and list the amount of money exchanged.

For exchanging less common currencies, you need go to the branch of National Bank of Uzbekistan. The National Bank of Uzbekistan supplies dollars for credit cards and traveller's cheques at most of its branches around the country.

To change the cheques at a bank, you must declare travellers cheques on your customs form on your arrival. For cash requirements in smaller town, banks provide cash on a Visa or MasterCard in advance. You can also receive Western Union, MoneyGram and other money transfers.

We hope Uzbekistan Currency Guide will help you to make a hassle-free trip in Uzbekistan.

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