Uzbekistan Accommodations

Uzbeksitan Accommodations

Uzbekistan offers a wide variety of opportunities for accommodations. Any traveler visiting this country will not only experience the rich history and mystery but also will greet by the warm hosts. You can choose from 17th-century merchant houses, or traditional homestays, or desert yurts.

If you are a budget traveler and looking for a pocket-friendly accommodating option, then also Uzbek won’t disappoint. Budget Travelers can opt for rented apartments and hostels that are inexpensive.

The main thing to know about Uzbekistan is you need to register yourself with any licensed place to stay. This can be done online via a system called Emerson. If you don’t do so you may need to pay a huge fine. The fine is 10times more than the official amount that you might have paid at the time of registering.

The registration should be within 3 days of your arrival. Once you do the registration with a hotel, your hotel will give you a registration slip free of cost. Keep the paper and show It on the border if you are asked to show.

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