Do’s And Don’ts In Uzbekistan

Do’s And Don’ts In Uzbekistan

Uzbekistan is a country with a rich culture, tradition, and history. The country offers a great opportunity to experience the life of ancient people, many archaeological gems and the finest natural spots to explore.

Most travelers opt for tour operators who are well experienced and Euroasia Travels is one of them. While booking with us be sure that your complete tour will be hassle-free and comfortable. Like all other places in the world, the country has its traditions. Know what to do and what not to do while you are in Uzbek;

  • Do remove your shoes while visiting any holy place or entering into someone’s house

  • Do compliment to your host in Uzbekistan for their hospitality and food

  • Do bring some small gift (non-alcoholic) if invited for dinner to any Uzbekistan house

  • Do wear moderate dress that covers arms and legs while visiting any holy place

  • Do use your hand including arm while beckoning to any Uzbek

  • Don’t walk in front of anyone who is praying as Uzbeks’ believe it invalidates their prayer

  • Don’t ever use your left hand to any Uzbek citizen for passing anything

  • Don’t point your finger to any Uzbek as it is act of demand

  • Don’t curl your index finger while beckoning to any Uzbek, as in Uzbek only animals are called like this

  • Don’t think of bringing dogs to any holy place as they believe dogs are unclean animals and their presence make the prayer invalid

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