Best Time To Visit Uzbekistan

Best Time To Visit Uzbekistan

Quick Facts Regarding Best Time To Visit Uzbekistan

Best Time to Visit Uzbekistan is during spring and autumn (April to May, and September to early November). From November to March it can be very cold, but this also brings clear, bright skies which provide an exceptional backdrop to any photos you take during your Uzbekistan Tours.

Uzbekistan Climate Guide

Here is our climate guide on the Best Season to Visit Uzbekistan:

  • Uzbekistan Climate is extremely continental climate owing to its location at the centre of the Eurasian landmass.

  • The hottest period, known as the chillya, is from late June to mid-August when temperatures frequently reach 40°C or even higher.

  • Autumn the Uzbekistan Weather is warm and pleasant, and the bazaars are full of fruit and vegetables.

  • In winter (beginning in late October on the steppe and December in the south, and generally lasting into March), temperatures may fall to -15°C in the cities and as low as -30°C in the steppe and mountains, with limited precipitation.

  • Much of Uzbekistan is arid and has little rainfall. Humidity is generally low and annual rainfall is typically 100–200mm, stunting the growth of crops and other flora during the summer months.

A month-by-month guide to travelling in Uzbekistan

Visiting Uzbekistan in January – February

The January and February months are the coldest of the winter months and it is not the ideal time to Uzbekistan.  In the winter months, temperatures drift around the point of freezing, and you have the place to yourself.

Visiting Uzbekistan in March – April

From mid-March, the temperature begins to warm up. Late in March and early April are genuinely calm periods to have a tour of Uzbekistan.

Visiting Uzbekistan in May – June

The Best Time to Go To Uzbekistan is from mid-April to early June is as the temperatures are warm without being very high – regularly mid to high 20s Celsius (50 to 60 Fahrenheit).

Visiting Uzbekistan in July – August

The hottest and driest months of the year in Uzbekistan are July and August, with temperatures in the range of 30o Celsius (over 80 degrees Fahrenheit). Hiking is suitable during these months.

Visiting Uzbekistan in September – October

In September the temperatures begin to drop off and this is the Best Time to Travel to Uzbekistan. This period is full of fun to explore the nation’s fascinating old towns and Islamic design and more.

Visiting Uzbekistan in November – December

For a trip to Uzbekistan Best Time to Visit is when the temperatures drops and winter falls. This can be a magnificent time to make your excursion if it’s all the same to you dressing up warmly.

Best Time To Visit Uzbekistan
Best Time To Visit Uzbekistan
Best Time To Visit Uzbekistan

Uzbekistan Seasonal Overview

Uzbekistan experiences cold winters and extremely hot summers. Therefore, the best time to visit Tashkent or other historic cities and monuments is in spring or autumn. More specifically Best Time to Visit Samarkand, Bukhara, Khiva, and more are from April to May or September to early November. During these periods, you can expect warm and dry weather, without the heat of the desert becoming unbearably hot.

Springtime brings many species of wildflower into bloom, such as tulips and red poppies, making this a beautiful time to hike in the Tien Shan Mountains. Autumn is then the time for harvest, with Uzbekistan’s colourful markets packed with fresh fruits and wine. Despite the seasonal differences, Uzbekistan is still very much a year-round destination.

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