Sarmish-Say Gorge Attractions

Sarmish-Say Gorge Attractions

Sarmish-Say Gorge Overview :

Located in northeast of Navoi, and in southern part of the Karatau Mountain Range, Sarmish-Say Gorge Attractions includes Sarmish-say Petroglyphs and pictographs. Also known as Sarmish say is the largest gorge which is listed in Uzbekistan Tours for the Stone Age art.

Sarmish Say Gorge Attractions have got the worldwide recognition and significance and the gorge is one of the famous Uzbekistan Destinations. All petroglyphs vary according to their time or period. The oldest petroglyph dated back to Stone Age and Bronze Age. According to the varieties, some are engraved on rocks while some are ochre-based paints. In this art, the plot, styles, application methods, picture compositions vary and make a unique and outstanding art. However, it's very difficult to identify the Age of petroglyphs.

The size of the petroglyphs or rock paintings varies from 30-40 cm to 70-80 cm. In Uzbekistan Tours, you can see all of it and the level of the variations among each other. The petroglyphs in the early Iron Age are different with "animal" style and typical for the nomadic tribes of the Scythians.

Sarmish-Say Gorge Highlights Point Of Attraction :

Sarmishsay Stone Age Art gallery includes more than 4000 petroglyphs scattered around the gorge for over 2 km distance. Most of the petroglyphs are belongs to the Bronze Age and Stone Age from 7th to 2nd millennium BC

Some of the Pertroglyphs In Sarmishsay are from neolithic age in between 6000 B.C. and 4000 B.C.and also from mesolithic age in between 15000 and 6000 B.C.

You can see the images of hunters of prehistoric times with bows and arrows, wild animals, ritual performance, domestic life of ancient people, and picture series of domestic animals, like dogs, sheep and camel in the petroglyphs. In the latest petroglyphs, there are Arabic inscriptions, armed men and rulers.

If you are interested to see these petroglyphs, spring in March to May and the fall from September to November are the Best Time To Visit Uzbekistan according to Uzbekistan Travel Advice from guide experts.

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Sarmish-Say Gorge Attractions
Sarmish-Say Gorge Attractions
Sarmish-Say Gorge Attractions

History Of Sarmish-Say Gorge Attractions :

The Sarmish-Say Gorge Attractions built in the 13th century has a depth of 13 meters and is covered with a dome of diameter 12 meters. There are three light windows at the bottom.

Sarmish-Say Gorge Attractions Highlights :

  • The Sarmish-Say Gorge Attractions clay for bricks was extracted in the lower reaches of the Amu Darya.

  • On your Uzbekistan Tours, you will encounter the stories of people from ancient times who were well aware and were pleased with the waterproof, heat-resistant, and thermal insulation properties of the reservoir.

  • This popular Navoi Attraction was prepared by especially kneading the clay-gel, with the adding up of camel's hair.

  • After roasting the molded bricks for the year in the sun it was then sent to fire after careful examination.

  • After this, the bricks again went through another set of the careful selection process by the shape, sound, and other qualities.

  • This long process of careful examination of the bricks made the reservoir of great resilient strength.

  • The filtration process of water and the task of keeping it clean was resolved permanently. The water stayed cold as well.

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