Uzbekistan Tours

Uzbekistan Tours

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The past history of this exclusive country which was once part of the reminiscent Silk Road was rich in cultural blend where people of many countries came together and exchanged commodities that brought many customs together. On your Uzbekistan Tours you can explore these ancient cities of Samarkand, Bukhara and Khiva which have beautiful architectural monumenst and designs of Islamic taste that will simply mesmerise you.

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With EuroAsia Travels your Uzbekistan Tours will be the most informative to say the least. Our Uzbekistan Travel Guide will take you through various destinations in this gorgeous country of incredible stories and narrations of people of different languages, customs and background. The Best Time To Visit Uzbekistan is during the spring and Autumn when the country's serene nature is at its best. Your Uzbekistan Travel Cost will depend upon various factors like the number of days of tour, number of people and destinations you choose to visit.

  • Uzbekistan Facts: The capital of Uzbekistan is Tashkent. More than 32 million people inhabit this country. The language spoken by people is Uzbek.

  • Uzbekistan Culture & Traditions: The cultural history of this country was greatly influenced by the Arabs who expanded their religion of Islam throughout Central Asia. The food, cuisines and clothing are a excellent mix of Islamic and European cultures.

  • Uzbekistan Geography & Nature: More than80% of the country's territory is covered with desert making the physical environment of Uzbekistan is diverse ranging from the flat and desert topography to mountain peaks in the east which reach up to the height of about 4,500 metres (14,800 ft) above sea level.

Uzbekistan Tours
Uzbekistan Tours
Uzbekistan Tours

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In your Uzbekistan Tours EuroAsia offers a variety of activities in addition to visiting various historic places in our Uzbekistan Tour Package in which camel rides, tasting the best pilaf or meeting the master-craftsmen of silk or porter of Gijduvan are included. The Best of Uzbekistan Tour are at the mountain resorts of Chimgan and Beldersay and the adventures at the Aral Sea where various photographers, and ecologists can have a great time. In your Uzbekistan Tours & Travel  you can spend some time in the Nurata Mountains as well. As part of Uzbekistan Tours And Holidays you will be closely interacting with the untouched nature and everyday village life of the Uzbek people.

  • Uzbekistan Cultural Tour: In your private tailored tours prepared as per your interests and schedules you can explore Uzbekistan Cultural Tour learning about the Uzbek people. They are the most hospitable people among all and host delightfully on any traveller in the country. You can also taste their local delicious cuisines in these tours.

  • Uzbekistan Adventure Tour: What is so adventurous about Uzbekistan? This country provide infinite hot deserts to grand snowy mountains which you can explore in detail on your Uzbekistan Adventure Tour. There are many animals and plants which include some endangered species found indegenously to this country.

Uzbekistan Mountain Tours: Another exciting tour package that we offer are Uzbekistan Mountain Tours which are thrilling in their own way.

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Voyage with EuroAsia Travels to visit the best destinations in Uzbekistan Tours which are customised as per your requirements. Our Uzbekistan Travel Guide For Backpapers suggests them to book their flights and transport ahead of time to travel hassle free in the country.

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