Uzbekistan In Winter

Uzbekistan In Winter

Uzbekistan In Winter

Uzbekistan in winter starts from January. The first two months of the year are the coldest. However the temperature does not drop to zero in this season. This is definitely not the Best Season to Visit Uzbekistan as you can expect strong winds which will make the cold worse. The good news is due to this extreme cold Uzbekistan Weather and the low seasonal tourists you can avail huge discounts on your Uzbekistan Tours.

  • Temperature: 49 – 53° F / 9 – 12° C (in Tashkent)

  • Rainfall: 38 – 87 mm

  • Season: Spring

  • Highlights: The winters are a delight to photographers as this is when the skies are extremely clear, and there are little to no visitors in the country. So you will be able to take magnificent photographs! This is a great period to visit Tashkent, and explore its beautiful galleries and markets, without worrying about the tourist overflow!

Climate Of the Winter Months In Uzbekistan

Uzbekistan Climate in cold winters is unlike any country.  Winter weather may change very sharp: sunny days can be replaced by stormy and rainy ones several times during a week. Annual amount of precipitation falls in winter – nearly 30-40%. In plains winter is short; it lasts from December to the beginning of February.

The coldest days are from December 26 to February 5. Temperature may drop to 28 °F in plains.  In mountainous area during this period it is nearly -18 °F. Winter is longer here and lasts 3-4 months. Really cold winter there is in dessert regions which are 2/3 parts of the whole territory of the country. At the remaining part it is warm enough and temperatures are about 48 °F at daytime and -24 at nights. This is not suggested as the Best Time To Visit Uzbekistan.

Uzbekistan In Winter
Uzbekistan In Winter
Uzbekistan In Winter

Winter Holidays In Uzbekistan

Winter Holidays in Uzbekistan are mostly the 8th of December observed as Constitution Day, 1st January which is of course the New Year’s Day and the 14th January which is celebrated as the Day of Defenders of the Native land.

You can explore the cultural side of the country and participate in its traditions during this time. Uzbekistan Best Time to Visit in the winters is for those who do not want crowded cities or places.

During this time as there are fewer tourists you can negotiate favourable rates for hotels and tours. It’s also the time for skiing: the resorts of Chimgan and Beldersay have excellent snow from January to March, and you can even risk your neck heli-skiing for descents up to 10km in length.

Uzbekistan In Low Season

Uzbekistan in Low Season is extremes of summer heat or winter cold. The country has high temperature range and is most visited in spring or autumn. Winter in Uzbekistan or summers may not be the peak seasons, but there are still places which thrive during this period. Winters are the best times to experience the beauty of ancient monuments in peace and tranquillity, away from the summertime crowds. Also you can explore the three legendary cities of Tashkent, Bukhara and Samarkand in this time.

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