Architectural Complex Pir Siddik

Architectural Complex Pir Siddik

Architectural Complex Pir Siddik Overview :

Built in 18th century in Mariglan, Architecture Complex Pir Siddik comprises of a mosque, minaret and courtyard with the tomb of Pir Siddik, darvozahona and dovecote. With its remarkable architecture, Margilan is worldwide famous for its beautiful silk and remarkable architectural monuments about which, it got the place in Uzbekistan Tours. Among the monuments, Architecture Complex Pir Siddik is in the first place on Mariglan Attractions. This complex is one of the ancient monuments which survived the constant earthquakes that occur in the region.

Architectural Complex Pir Siddik
Architectural Complex Pir Siddik
Architectural Complex Pir Siddik

Architectural Complex Pir Siddik History :

According to the legend, when Turks-pagans, attacked the Fergana Valley, the saint Pir Siddiq hide in a cave to be protected from unbelievers. When the saint entered the cave a flock of pigeons flew in and platted a lot of nests. The passing Turks thought that no one could hide in this cave and they left that place. In the memory of the miraculous rescue of the saint, the whole Architectural Complex of Pir Siddiq was erected around the tomb and the pigeons were especially esteemed in Margilan. So, the locals call it Kaptarlik or pigeon.

Architectural Complex Pir Siddik Design and Architecture

In the courtyard of Architectural Complex Pir Siddik, there is a mausoleum, oriented to the north in which allegedly the grave of Saint Pir Siddiq can be found. The extended portal is joined with square chamber containing the arched headstones - Sagan. There is the peculiar portal on in the mausoleum. There is a screen in the shape of decorated wall with slim angled columns, completed domed lights, exceeding the portal. The mausoleum is supported by four wooden pillars, decorated with beautiful and delicate carvings. On the entrance to the tomb is a traditional Islamic architecture portal, flanked on either side by two columns. Columns are decorated with carved by ganch geometric pattern.

Architectural Complex Pir Siddik Highlighted Point Of This Attraction :

On Uzbekistan Tours, there is a small courtyard around the mausoleum of Pir Siddiq, surrounded by the fence with portal-domed entrance. The iwan hovers there is a symbol of the complex, a dovecote with the sacred birds.

On the eastern side of the complex, there is a minaret from which people are called to pray, and a mosque. Integrity and compactness of the composition distinguish this architectural complex.

Darvozahona is a construction that deserves special attention. The entrance to the complex is made in the form of a high monumental construction with a characteristic ornament and a form of passage for the eastern architecture.

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