Shakhimardan Attractions

Shakhimardan Attractions

Shakhimardan Overview

Belongs to Shakhimardan, a small town in Fergana district, Shakhimardan Attractions include the museum, lake, mosque and different sports activities. Enclave Shakhimardan of Uzbekistan is located 55 km away from Fergana city and 25 km from Uzbekistan border in south part in the territorry of Kyrgyzstan.

For its natural beauties on the mountains and in lakes makes the city as one of the best places for Uzbekistan Tours. Shakhimardan in Fergana Valley, which is one of the famous Uzbekistan Destinations, is a region in which Tazikistan, Kyrgyzstan, and Uzbekistan all meet. Surrounded by Ok-Su and Kok-Su rivers, the city can be seen in Alai Mountain range.

History Of Shakhimardan

Shakhimardan in Persian language means the "Lord of the people" which indicates the dominance of Muslim over long centuries. As per the legend, this place was visited by Hazrat Ali, son in law of Prophet and his grave is one of the seven graves. So, it is a sacred pilgrimage place. Shakhimardan is the burial place of poet Hamza Hakimzade Niyazi and this small town was called as “Hamzaabad”, for a long time after the name of great poet.

There was a mosque and mausoleum built over the Tomb of Ali at Shakhimardan which were destroyed by Soviet authorities when it comes in the borderline created by Stalin in Soviet empire. When rest part left outside of Soviet borderline due to poor planned division, the people face bad consequences. Half of people found themselves in a new country, Kyrgyzstan, while other people face the dispute regarding the cultural mismatches. In 1930, due to territorial exchange between Uzbekistan and Kyrgyzstan, Shakhimardan comes under Uzbekistan.

Shakhimardan Attractions
Shakhimardan Attractions
Shakhimardan Attractions

Shakhimardan Point Of Attraction

A mosque in the memory of Hazrat Ali, with three silvery domes, is one of the most important Shakhimardan Attractions. The entrance portal is an arch looks charming with decorative patterns and it also has stairs.

From the 7 km to the southeast of Shakhimardan, a lake can be found, known as Kulikubbon or Blue Lake on your Uzbekistan Tours. The lake was formed after strong earthquakes in 1766.

A museum and mausoleum can be seen which were built in honour of Khamza Hakim-zade Niyazi, the founder of the Uzbek drama and the poet.

Things To Do In Shakhimardan

  • Hiking, Trekking Tour

Shakhimardan is of the famous Uzbekistan Destinations in Fergana Valley which offers hiking and trekking tours. Alai Mountain offers the most spectacular view to the visitors and offers hiking to the adventurers. As the temperature is less than 20 degree Celsius in summer, then both spring and summer from March to July is the Best Time To Visit Uzbekistan for the trekking on this mountain.

  • Fishing, Swimming And Rafting

Lake Kulikubbon or the Blue Lake is one of the Shakhimardan Attractions that offers fishing, swimming and even rafting as connected to the south of Oksu and Koksu River. For picnic and camping, this place is the perfect ideal place.

  • Game Viewing

In the forest of picturesque Aral Mountains, there are wild animals in the trees and also varieties of birds like stork and woodpecker can be seen. You will get excellent game view in this area.

  • Bazaar shopping

Enjoy the shopping in the bazaar and buy food items with the handmade crafts as souvenirs.

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