Chor Minor Madrasah

Chor Minor Madrasah

Chor Minor Madrasah Highlights

Chor Minor Madrasah, alternatively known as the Madrasah of Khalif Niyaz-kul, is a historic gatehouse for a now-destroyed madrasa in the historic city of Bukhara, Uzbekistan. It is located in a lane northeast of the Lyab-i Hauz complex. It is protected as a cultural heritage monument and an important sightseeing spot while in Uzbekistan Tours.

History Of Chor-Minor Madrasah in Bukhara:

The structure was built by Khalif Niyaz-kul, a wealthy Bukharan of Turkmen origin in the 19th century under the rule of the Janid dynasty.

The Chor-Minor Madrasah-Four Minarets towered structure is sometimes mistaken for a gate to the madras that once existed behind the structure, however, the Char-Minar is actually a complex of buildings with two functions, ritual and shelter. Originally, it was a part of a complex of a madrasa, which was demolished.

Chor Minor Madrasah
Chor Minor Madrasah
Chor Minor Madrasah

The Chor-Minor Madrasah Architecture And Design:

The unusual outward shape and the building has a typical interior for a Central Asian mosque. Owing to the buildings cupola, the room has good acoustic properties and therefore takes on special significance of 'dhikr-hana' – a place for ritualized 'dhikr' ceremonies of Sufi, the liturgy of which often include recitation, singing, and instrumental music. On either side of the central edifice are located dwelling rooms, some of which have collapsed, leaving only their foundations visible. Consequently, for full functioning of madrasa only of classroom and some utility rooms is lacking.

However, it was common practice that so-called Madrasahs had no lecture rooms or, even if they had, no lectures had been given in them. These Madrasahs were employed as student hospices. Uzbeks call it, Chor-Minor The Taj Mahal Of Bukhara.

Chor-Minor Madrasah Highlighted Point Of Attraction

The main attraction in Chor Mino is the surrounded four pillars which is protected as the cultural herirtage of Uzbekistan by UNESCO.

There are more places to visit in Bukhara but Chor Minor Madrasah is one of the best pilgrame centre to visit in Bukhara.

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