Mausoleum of Imam Abu Khafs Kabir

Mausoleum of Imam Abu Khafs Kabir

Overview About Mausoleum of Imam Abu Khafs Kabir

Built in the honour of Akhmad ibn Khafs al-Kabir al-Bukhari, Mausoleum of Imam Abu Khafs Kabir was erected during the 16th century. Imam Abu Khafs Kabir was one of the famous theologians and has written many book on the issues of Islamic law such as Frivolous arguments and disagreements, Rebuffing of skygazers, and Ar-Raddualal- lafziyya etc.

On the place of Memorial complex In Mausoleum of Imam Abu, a burial place of Afrasiyab, the legendary king of Turan, can be found on the same place during Uzbekistan Tours. It has been said that the water of the well near the tomb of Abu Khafs Kabir has been drank by a woman and she cured completely and give birth to a child.

PastAntique Of The Mausoleum of Imam Abu Khafs Kabir

In 767, Imam Abu Khafs Kabir was borned in Fagsodara, Bukhara village. He had left Bukhara and travelled to Baghdad in his young age to study theology and Shariah law from Imam Mukhammad ash-Shaybani. When he returned to Bukhara, he had started to share his knowledge about the spirituality. In his time, Bukhara started to flourish in spiritual and secular sciences whereas, imams and scholars became respectable people.

Imam Abu Khafs Kabir was also the founder of Hanafi school in Mawarannahr or Transoxiana. He had built the first medrese of the Hanafi stream in Bukhara.

On the early 8th century, he has been placed in the mind of people as he was enlightened. His written works were used by the historians and theologists. For more than 1200 years, his tomb has been the Muslim’s place of worship. According to the people, he was Eshoni Khodjat baror which means “the head of Sufizm doctrine, helping people”, as he had helped the faithful. The great saint passed away in 832.

Through which door Bukhara dwellers, come to him for advices from the north-west part of the Bukhara wall, which later was called “Gates Hakk rakh”. In between 16th and 20th century, near the tomb of Abu Khafs Kabir khanaka, hauz (pond), minaret and several small guest houses were built.

Mausoleum of Imam Abu Khafs Kabir
Mausoleum of Imam Abu Khafs Kabir
Mausoleum of Imam Abu Khafs Kabir

Location Of Mausoleum of Imam Abu Khafs Kabir

Mausoleum of Imam Abu Khafs Kabir In Bukhara is located in the district of “Hakk rakh”

Mausoleum of Imam Abu Khafs KabirHighlighted Point Of This Attraction

In Mausoleum of Imam Abu Khafs Kabir, you can see the tomb of Imam Abu Khafs Kabir made with a shape of a cube adorned with semi-sphere dome, architecturally reminds of the mausoleums of Samanids.

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