Uzbekistan Trekking Tour

Uzbekistan Trekking Tour

Introduction About UzbekistanTrekking Tour

Uzbekistan Tours not only include the diverse culture and pre-historic monumental architecture, Uzbekistan is also famous for Uzbekistan Trekking Tour. For relieving the stress, escape from urban competitive society, trekking and staying alone amidst majestic mountain beauty is the best solutions to give a break.

Mountains For Uzbekistan Trekking

Mount Adelung

Mount Adelung is the highest point of Tashkent Province at 4,301 meters and located in Psken range on the extreme north-east of the Tashkent province.

Mount Beshtor

Known as the second highest peak in both Tashkent Province and the Pskem Range, Mount Beshtor with an altitude of 4,299 meters is one of the best places for Uzbekistan Trekking Tour.

Khazret Sultan

Khazret Sultan is the highest point of Uzbekistan with an altitude of 4, 643 meters. The peak is located in Gissar Range of Surxondarya province on Uzbekistan-Tajikistan border. This mountain peak was formerly known as Peak of the 22nd Congress of the Communist Party.

Gissar Range

Gissar Range or Hissor Range lies south of Zarafshan range and goes through Hissar district of Tajikhistan and extends to the north of Dushanbe. Gissar Range is also the home of Khazret Sultan Mountain.

Uzbekistan Trekking Tour
Uzbekistan Trekking Tour
Uzbekistan Trekking Tour

Pskem Range

Pskem Range or Pishkom Mountains is located in the west of Tien Shan Mountain range or Heavenly Mountain, which is a natural border between Kyrgyzstan and Uzbekistan. Pskem range is one of the best mountain range for Uzbekistan Trekking Tour and also the home of Mounta Adelung.

Zeravshan Range

Zeravshan Range or Zarafshan Range is the part of Pamir-Alay Mountains and is a mountain range between Tajikistan and Uzbekistan.

Talas Ala-Too Range

Talas Ala-Too Range or Alataw Range is the range of the Tien-Shan Mountains western end extends into Kazakhstan where its south-western part joins to the Pskem Mountains and Udam Range of Uzbekistan.

Chatkal Range

Chatkal Range is a range in the Western Tien-Shan with a maximum altitude of 4503 metre. Northern slopes of Chatkal Range are steep and short, while southern ones are gentle.

Ugam Range

Ugam Range is a mountain range located in south Kazakhstan region and Tashkent Region in Uzbekistan. It is also the western part of Tian Shen Mountain Range.

Turkestan Range

Turkestan Range is one of the northern extensions of the Pamir-Alay system which stretches from the Alay Mountains on the border of Kyrgyzstan with Tajikistan to the Samarkand in Uzbekistan.

Greater Chimgan

Best for the Uzbekistan Trekking Tours, Greater Chimgan with an altitude of 3,309 m is a part of the Chatkal Mountain range, located on the West of Tian Shan. This mountain is surrounded by Ugam-Chatkal National Park and goes under Bostanlyk administrative district.

Recommendations For UzbekistanTrekking Tour

For Uzbekistan Trekking Tour, The Pamir and Tien Shan Mountain Range are unique because of boasting the real beautiful natural Uzbekistan Scenery. The tourists can find the widest and best path for mountain climbing for both novices and experienced hikers.

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