Bukhara Sights

Bukhara Sights

Overview About Bukhara Sights :

Visit the most attractive Bukhara Sights on your most-awaited and thrilling Bukhara Tours that take you back in time and helps you understand the real essence, its cultural taste, and traditions on Uzbekistan  Tours.

Bukhara Sightseeing Tours Are :

For your Bukhara Tours Sightseeing you can visit the following locations:

Kalyon Complex

Having been destroyed for years during the foreign invasion, the religious complex of Po-i-Kalyan was rebuild again recently in the past.

Ark of Bukhara

On your Bukhara Tours, you must visit the Ark of Bukhara which was built to keep Bukhara’s rulers safe. The strong fortifications of the wall built as early as the 5th century that still stands today.

Bolo Hauz Mosque

The grandeur and size of the mosque are compensated by its stunning beauty, intricate designs, and decorations.

Khoja Gaukushan Cpmplex

On your visit to various Bukhara Sights, you must also consider Khoja gaukushan which is the largest architectural complex in Bukhara. This complex comprises of a mosque, a madrassah, and a minaret and makes a gorgeous combination.


Among other Bukhara Sights is the Lyab I Haus which is the heart of the city and hosts thousands of visitors in its teahouses every day.

Chor Minor

Chor minor is a bit of a mystery and has the most unique form of architecture in Bukhara and is a must-visit destination in town.  

Covered Bazaars

On your Uzbekistan Tours, you can visit these three-domed bazaars and buy beautiful souvenirs for your family.

Bukhara Tours & Sightseeing
Bukhara Tours & Sightseeing
Bukhara Tours & Sightseeing

Explore Bukhara Sights with EuroAsia Travels:

The Bukhara Region with its ancient art of silk carpet making, jewelry making, and much more is a great place to but Uzbekistan Souvenirs. Our guides will help provide the best Uzbekistan Highlights and give you some of the best Uzbekistan Travel Advice to make your journey successful.

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