Ark Fortress Of Bukhara

Ark Fortress Of Bukhara

Overview Of Ark Fortress Of Bukhara :

Visiting the ancient and massive Ark Fortress Of Bukhara on your thrilling Bukhara Tours is truly an enriching experience. The fortress was constructed in the 5th century AD and is a much-visited sight by many foreign tourists on Uzbekistan Tours.

History Of Ark Fortress Of Bukhara :

The Ark Fortress Of Bukhara’s first known reference was contained in the book "History of Bukhara" by Narshakhi (899 - 960). It is said in the book that, the ruler of Bukhara – Bindu, built the fortress. But soon this was destroyed. This process continued many times. The fortress was built and destroyed numerous times. The last ruler of Bukhara, upon advice from wise men, built the fortress around seven points, located in the same relation to each other as the stars of the constellation Ursa Major. And since then the fortress stands strong to date which you can view on your Bukhara Tours.

Ark Fortress Of Bukhara Highlighted Point Of Attractions :

  • Located in the northwestern part of contemporary Bukhara, the Ark Fortress Of Bukhara is a large earthen fortification built for protection from enemy attack.

  • Resembling a modified rectangle in the layout, the fortress is slightly elongated from the west to the east.

  • Framed by two 18th-century towers architecturally is the ceremonial entrance into the citadel.

  • A gallery, rooms, and terraces are connected in the upper parts of the towers.

  • On your Uzbekistan Tours, you will find a gradually rising ramp leading through a winch-raised portal into a covered long corridor to the mosque of Dzhuma.

  • The covered corridor offers access to storerooms and prison cells.

Ark Fortress Of Bukhara
Ark Fortress Of Bukhara
Ark Fortress Of Bukhara

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