Uzbekistan Souvenirs

Uzbekistan Souvenirs

Uzbekistan Souvenirs are memories in the form of materials which you give to your loved ones. Returning without souvenirs from the trip would not make your trip complete, that too Uzbekistan Tours will give you a handful of souvenirs to grab and carry to your homeland and distribute with your close ones.

You can find a wide variety of Uzbekistan Souvenirs available; here you can choose the best one:

Uzbek Ceramic Souvenirs: In uzbek you will find each plate has its own style of ceramics. Rishton, is especially famous for its ceramics. The artisans here use special blue glaze called Ishkor. It is completely Natural mineral and made of plants.

Deeper dishes called lagan, and badia plates from Khiva have blue and turquoise pattern over it.

You can also get very small hand painted pottery figures near monuments and bazaar on Uzbekistan Tours.

Carved wood and metal art: The Uzbek vendors in bazaar sell knives, draggers and even swords, all adorned with decorative carvings.A traditional Uzbek souvenir is a knife called pichok, with a unique form or blade and handle.

Uzbekistan Souvenirs
Uzbekistan Souvenirs
Uzbekistan Souvenirs

Jewellery from Tashkent, Bukhara and Samarkand is taken not only as souvenirs from Uzbek, but also as accessories for special occasions.

Traditional Clothing, Fur, and Embroidery: Uzbek Embroidery is noted for its originality and uniqueness. The one of traditional embroideries are Suzani. Most popular items people buy as Uzbekistan Souvenirs are; traditional skull caps, called tubeteika.

Fabrics and Carpets: Some of the most famous fabrics are ikats, light silk fabrics with blurred design. Carpets are another great Uzbek Souvenir. Carpets can be made from silk, wool or a combination.

Uzbek wine: One of the great Uzbek Souvenir is bottle of Uzbek Wine. The most famous one can be found in Samarkand.

Uzbek Musical instruments: The elegant patterns and shapes with rich deep sound make Uzbek Musical instruments a great Souvenir. They have bowed instruments like kobuz, setor and Sato. Plucked instruments like; Dombra, ud and rubab.

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