Uzbekistan Wear

Uzbekistan Wear

The Uzbek people wear very bright, beautiful and cozy clothes. The Uzbekistan Wear represent their rich culture, tradition and life style.

Men’s Wear:

Uzbekistan Wear for men's national suit is chapan over coat, robe of quit tied with a kerchief or band, which is called belbog. Men also wear a cap which is called as tubeteika that you may come across on your Uzbekistan Tours.

Men also wear some other clothes which include; Kuylak, a straight cut undershirt.

A wide trouser which is narrowed at ankle called; Ishton.

Mean wear a high boot which is made of fine thin leather.

Most of the Uzbek men prefer to wear yakhtak which is a wrap shirt.

Skull caps were popular Uzbekistan Wear. There is a cap made of velvet or wool which is beautiful embroidered with silk or silver threads, it is called Theppudi.

A silver figured metal plates and buckles were main attraction of belts, it was also made of velvet for gala dresses.

The daily shirts were tied with long sashes.

Uzbekistan Wear
Uzbekistan Wear
Uzbekistan Wear

Women’s Wear:

The main traditional clothing of women's in Uzbekistan are Plain tunic dress and wide trousers. Occasional clothes were made of satin fabric richly embroidered with golden thread.

The head wear of women includes of 3 main types that you may come across on Uzbekistan Tours.;

  • Skull cap

  • Kerchief

  • Turban

The Uzbek women's wear gold and silver jewellery which include; Necklace, bangles, earing and studs.

The colour red in clothing is preferred as well being. Due to superstation, blue and black colour is not used mostly in Uzbekistan.

The Blue and violet colours were the symbol of pride of their husbands. It was mostly used by peasants and craftsmen.

Uzbek women's foot wear is of heelless boot with soft soles and high boots made of fine rough leather or rubber.

The men and women share the same head wear called tubeteika, and it is the essential attribute for some events in the country. During festive time, you will be able to get variety of tubeteika made of rich bright colour and gold embroidery pattern.

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