Uzbekistan Travel Essentials

Uzbekistan Travel Essentials

Overview About Uzbekistan Travel Essentials

Representing the elegant monuments with beautiful architecture and vibrant culture, Uzbekistan is one of the most wonderful countries with countless attractions, in the world.

Uzbekistan Travel Essentials really matters for a comfortable and smooth Uzbekistan Tours. Uzbekistan cities are the integral part of ancient largest trade path- the Great Silk Road, on the basis of which, different conquerors or empires get to know about this mysterious and wonderful land.

Requirements For Coming To Uzbekistan

Getting Around Uzbekistan

For Getting Around Uzbekistan, you can choose transportation like railways, taxis, buses, sedan van, etc. On Uzbekistan Tours, travelling to observe the lifestyle of locals, exploring the bazaars and museums, taxi, Tashkent metro and railway are the best option you have. You can also book for Afrasiyab high-speed luxurious train, the highspeed luxurious train to travel any one of the major cities of Uzbekistan.

Uzbekistan Registration

After entering into Uzbekistan, you need to register about your residency/stay within 72 hours of your arrival in Uzbekistan. Choosing a licensed hotel is the best option, as the registration is done automatically after your check-in. So, for the budget hotels, you need to recheck their eligibility to register. The registration slip given by your hotel is one of the most important Uzbekistan Travel Essentials.  Failure for getting a registration paper might cause problems at airport for departure as the immigration authorities will check your registration slip along with your passport and visa.

Uzbekistan Local Currency

Som is the local currency of Uzbekistan and the value of 1 USD is equal to Rs.10, 160 Uzbekistan Som (UZS). For Uzbekistan Money & Costs, you can use US Dollar, as it is widely accepted in the major cities of Uzbekistan. You can exchange US Dollars, Euros, UK pounds and Japanese Yen into Som at exchange booth at airport, hotels and banks. For the old torn, lined or wrinkled notes, you can go to the banks of Uzbekistan where you can exchange it with giving a 10% fees. As changing Som to other currencies is difficult, you need to spend all of Som before departure.

Uzbekistan Travel Insurance

Uzbekistan Travel Insurance is one of the Uzbekistan Travel Essentials for your safety and smooth journey. You can also rent a car in Uzbekistan for travelling independently. You have to arrange the insurance which should cover the full duration of the tour, personal injury, medical expenses, repatriation expenses, loss of luggage, and expenses related with the cancellation of the tour, from a reputable insurer at the time of booking. For easier claim, you should arrange your insurance through a company in your home country.

Uzbekistan Safety

Your safety matters to us and so before packing for your trip or booking your trip make sure to consult with your doctor. Pack a personal medical kit, if you have any health problems after consulting with your doctor. You should take some medicine for headache, stomach-ache, diarrhoea, fever & flu. As Uzbek cuisine composes plenty of meat, ensures that the food is cooked thoroughly and served hot. Include anti-inflammatory drug, anti-bacterial spray, allergy medicines, hand-sanitizer, insect repellent, etc, in Uzbekistan Travel Essentials.

Uzbekistan Health

During the trip to Uzbekistan Health is an important things to consider and that’s why you must declare the name of medications in customs declaration form with doctors prescription. In Uzbekistan, the prohibited drugs of sedative, tranquilizing, and pain relieving drugs category. If you are not declaring the medication containing narcotic and psychotropic substances and also the absence of doctor’s prescription can subject to criminal charges.

Uzbekistan Travel Essentials
Uzbekistan Travel Essentials
Uzbekistan Travel Essentials

Requirements At Departure From Uzbekistan

Custom Declaration Forms

Before departure, you have to fill out a declaration form and outline the things that you possess outside of the norm. Carry all the slips and receipts you've received while staying in Uzbekistan as the custom officers need the proof for confirmation. So, you need to arrive 2 to 3 hours early before the departure.

Handicraft And Souvenirs Export

Custom officers at the airport will check and inquire about the handicrafts that you're taking with you back home. As per the regulations, you cannot take or export the antique items or materials with 50 years or older without permission. But, the mass produced items are an exception and there's no restriction.

As per the Uzbekistan Travel Advice, March to May and September to November are the Best Time To Visit Uzbekistan.

If you are Travelling Alone in Uzbekistan, then you can go for Uzbekistan Travel Guide For Backpapers give by us.

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