Uzbekistan Embroidery

Uzbekistan Embroidery

About Uzbekistan Embroidery

In earlier times in Central Asia Uzbekistan Embroidery was not a craft but an art they must learn. For many Uzbeks the traditional interior decorations were made up of embroideries alone. On your Uzbekistan Tour you will get to witness some unique embroidery designs in the ancient towns of Uzbekistan. You will simply love the beautiful intricate designs of this beautiful work of art that are available in almost every Uzbek households.

Types Of Uzbekistan Embroidery

There isa numerous variety of Uzbekistan Embroidery.

  • Nurata Embroidery: The Uzbekistan Embroidery Pattern of the Nurata Embroidery originated in the end of the nineteenth century. In this the flowers are embroidered on a white background fabric.

  • Bukhara Embroidery: The typical Bukhara design consists of flowers on thin branches evenly distributed over the surface of the fabric.

  • Samarkand Embroidery: Samarkand's embroidery has a more simplified design and consists of sockets surrounded by leafy circles.

  • Surkhandarya Embroidery: In this some of the amazingly colorful and bright ornaments are endowed.

  • Shakhrisabz Embroidery: Multi-coloredand detailed designs

  • Tashkent Embroidery: Two Types: suzani-palak (from the word falak, which means heaven) and gulkurpa.

  • Ferghana Embroidery: have a delicate graphic design of twigs and concentric rings

  • The Uzbekistan Gold Embroidery art form has been popular here for centuries and was in great demand in ancient times.

  • The Uzbekistan Suzani Embroidery has many decorative tribal textile designs made in Tajikistan, Uzbekistan, Kazakhstan and other Central Asian countries. These are also called Uzbekistan Tribal Embroidery. A type of cotton fabric was used to embroider with various chain, satin and buttonhole stitches.

Uzbekistan Embroidery
Uzbekistan Embroidery
Uzbekistan Embroidery

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