Uzbekistan Clothing

Uzbekistan Clothing

Uzbekistan Clothing Highlights

The Uzbekistan Clothing of gowns, dresses and shirts was determined by the type of climatic conditions, social and traditional customs and much more. This clothing feature dates back to the 19th Century clothing and its archaic features of wide, long, whole-cut; it freely fell down hiding the shapes of the human body. On your Uzbekistan Tours you will witness the Uzbek citizens dressed in these unique style and many other national clothing styles.

What are National Clothes and Varieties in Uzbekistan?

Whether you have previously visited this gorgeous country or not, on your Uzbekistan Tours you do not have to follow any particular dress code or worry about What To Wear In Uzbekistan. However there are many traditional wearing styles of clothing and this Uzbekistan Dress Code is only worn by people during special occasions:

  • Chapans: This is a quilted robe, tied with a kerchief and is a basis of Uzbek Traditional Clothing.

  • Kuylak: Men's straight cut undershirt is called Kuylak.

  • Ishton: Men's wide trousers, narrowed at ankles is called Ishton.

  • Bilbog: Bilbog is a waist scarf folded around the corner, wrapped and tied around the waist and is a common attribute of men's clothing.

  • Skullcap: This traditional cap is a tribute to the traditions of Islam and worn during regious activities.

Uzbekistan Clothing
Uzbekistan Clothing
Uzbekistan Clothing

Some Varieties of Uzbekistan Clothing are:

Uzbekistan Men’s Clothing

Among the many styles of Uzbek Clothes the men dress traditionally with loose-fitting cotton coats (khalats) or heavy quilted coats (chopans). These robes are beautifully tinted with pastel colours and sequins, tied with a colourful sash that holds a dagger. These robes are conventionally worn with dark-colour trousers and black boots.

Uzbekistan Women’s Clothing

The Uzbekistan Clothing for women who dress conservatively are calf-length tunic-like dresses with a turned up collar and long sleeves reaching to the wrists or halats and matching baggy trousers. These clothes are generally made of with ikat cloth. If you plan for Shopping In Uzbekistan you can buy one of these unique outfits and try is back in your home town.

The Uzbek traditional hat (so-called tyubeteika)

This traditional hat or headwear has always been one of the most fashionable and prevalent among Uzbekistan People. Part of the national head-dress among the Uzbeks this hat is very popular among other Central Asian nations as well.

Try a new Fashion Trend - Dress in Uzbek Style

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