Uzbekistan People

Uzbekistan People

Uzbekistan is home for people of different nations and nationalities. They include; Uzbeks, Tajiks, Kazakhs, Kirghizes, Uygurs, Russians, Ukrainians, Byelorussians, Koreans, Tatars, Bashkirs, Germans, Jews, Greeks and others that you will come across on Uzbekistan Tours.

These diversity of the Uzbekistan People is due to various historical events that took place on the territory of Uzbekistan.

Uzbek now is the most popular country in Central Asia with its population of more than 31.5 million. Uzbeks are Turkic origin, the official language is Uzbek and it is the official language. However, most of the population can speak Russian that you will encounter on Uzbekistan Tours.

The urbanization process in Uzbekistan caused the increase of cities, and consequently urban population. Today in Uzbekistan cities reside more than 42% of the total population. The largest city is Tashkent. It is the capital of Uzbekistan with the population of over 2.5 million Uzbekistan People.

Tashkent is the administrative and business center of the republic. A lot of industrial enterprises and offices of large companies are located here.

Tashkent is noted for its theatres, museums, parks. Other major cities include Samarkand, Bukhara, Khiva, Andijan, Ferghana, Navoi as well as Almalik, Angren, Zarafshan and Chirchik.The largest part of the Uzbekistan population is made up of rural residents.

Uzbekistan People
Uzbekistan People
Uzbekistan People

Due to the hot and dry climate, the dominance of mountain and desert landscape in Uzbekistan, people resided unevenly, main life concentrating in oases. In desert areas of the republic the population density is very low. For example, in Karakalpakstan and Navoi regions, number of Uzbekistan People per square kilometer gets up to 7-9 whereas the most populous region the Ferghana Valley numbers about 500 people per square kilometer. It is the largest rate of population density not only among CIS countries, but also in the world.

There is about 60% of the population living in rural areas. There are usually families with many children. The average Uzbek family consists of 5-6 people. According to centuries-old traditions and mentality of Uzbekistan People, family was and is one of the most important priorities in modern society.

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