Uzbekistan Culture & Traditions

Uzbekistan Culture & Traditions

The Uzbekistan Culture is vibrant and unique. The customs and Uzbekistan Tradition of the Uzbek people have been forming for centuries. The ancient Persians, Greeks, Arabs, Chinese, Russians and Nomadic Turkic tribes have all contributed to Uzbek culture. On your Uzbekistan Tours you will be overjoyed with the amount of diversity that you will find here.

Over centuries the traditions and customs of Uzbek People remained almost unchanged despite the desire of many invaders to impose alien culture on.

The traditions reflecting the multinational nature of Uzbekistan is omnipresent in its music, dance, painting, applied arts, language, cuisine, and clothing. Each region of Uzbekistan has its own unique shades as well, which are most clearly manifested in national dress and local dialects.

The Uzbekistan Festivals of give whole palette of the culture in a single place. The festivals attract creative souls from all the regions of the country and here you can see Uzbek dances, music, applied arts etc...

Uzbekistan Culture & Traditions
Uzbekistan Culture & Traditions
Uzbekistan Culture & Traditions

Art: The art in Uzbek reflects the distinctive history of the country on canvases of its masters. The wall paintings are the best example of Pre-Mongol art in the region.

Literature: The literature of Uzbekistan originates from oral traditions and folklore-legends, epics and fairy tales. In the middle ages poets and writers whose names are known to every inhabitant of the country appeared in Uzbekistan. The literary heritage of Uzbekistan from that era is full of poetry and most works explore the themes of love, happiness, and wisdom.

Music and Dance: The music of Uzbekistan has close realation to folklore and Uzbek poetry, is a unique manifestation of the ancient culture of the Uzbek People. Shashmak, a special genre of music in Uzbekistan was included by UNESCO in the list of masterpieces of oral and intangible cultural heritage of mankind. Uzbek dances are the personification of the beauty of the Uzbek people and culture in Uzbekistan. Uzbek folk dances differ from other regional dances in that they have a special focus on hand movements and facial expressions.

The Cultural Tourism in Uzbekistan that you will enjoy to the fullest is a great way to explore the different Uzbekistan Festivals. This coupled with Uzbekistan Travel Advice from our skilled Uzbekistan Travel Guide who will direct you in bringing all the necessary Uzbekistan Travel Requirements to the trip.

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