Cultural Tourism In Uzbekistan

Cultural Tourism In Uzbekistan

Overview About Cultural Tourism In Uzbekistan

Cultural Tourism in Uzbekistan is all about the ancient arts of calligraphy, pottery, and wood-working alongside artisans in Tashkent, Khiva, and Bukhara, wandering in local bazaars alongside local merchants or carpet-weaving skills alongside women in Samarkand on your Uzbekistan Tours. The country with its diversity and cultural variations is just mesmerizing and vibrant and full of travelers.

You will have the chance to discover Uzbekistan’s historical treasures, its present-day traditions of hospitality, unique local customs and other ways of life.

Cultural Tourism In Uzbekistan
Cultural Tourism In Uzbekistan
Cultural Tourism In Uzbekistan

Here is a list of cool Cultural Tourism in Uzbekistan Facts :

  • Uzbekistan promises many interesting and fascinating tours around historical sites which all have some ancient stories to tell.

  • Under the leadership of Alexander the Great, Greeks came to this country initiating the endless change of ruling dynasties in around 4th century BCE.

  • Passing through China and many major cities like Iran, Turkey, and Italy was the Great Silk Road that connected Uzbekistan to these countries for the silk trade.

  • Even India was under of the Great Moguls dynasty over 200 years.

  • Turkey was conquered by Amir Temur at the beginning of the 15th century.

Uzbekistan Tourism promises the oldest Cultural tourism in the world :

  • The Fergana Valley is famous for its artisans – potters at the Rishtan ceramics school and silk weavers in Margilan, among countless others. Samarkand has its own ceramics school, carpet weaving center, and the famous Meros Paper Mill, which makes paper from mulberry bark using techniques passed down through the centuries which you can witness on your Uzbekistan Tours.

  • Bukhara and Samarkand are the main tourist attractions of Uzbekistan. This is because these cities are famous for ancient architecture and were places of great historic events in medieval times.

  • Tours of these places are a great way to meet the artisans themselves and learn about the production of their famous creations using ancient techniques.

Samanid dynasty which is an unprecedented cultural city was the most important city in the center of the X-XI century. With our customized Uzbekistan Tourism Packages you will be able to visit Uzbek city’s historical and cultural monuments, manuscripts that hide its secret history.

Cultural Activities in Uzbekistan are at its best in the country and for those who love textiles, ceramics, patterns, and festive colors, this country is exactly where you should be.

Bukhara is perhaps the best place to buy souvenirs, with a wide variety of top-quality crafts and gifts, while nimble woodcarvers can be seen hard at work in Tashkent and Khiva. Uzbekistan has preserved its rich cultural heritage in regular festivals, sporting events, and everyday life. In the past Bukhara was the capital of the Great Silk Road. Cultural tourism offers tangible opportunities to participate in distinctive, time-honored Central Asian traditions.

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