Uzbekistan Festivals

Uzbekistan Festivals

Celebration In Uzbekistan

What is the cultural diversity of a country without its celebrations and festivals? The Uzbekistan Festivals are an important aspect of country's customs and traditions. Among many festivals, Navruz, BoysunBahori, Shark Taronalari and more are observed with much pomp and show. On your cherished and lively Uzbekistan Toursyou can participate in these joyfull celebrations that are sure to lift your spirits.

Top Holidays and Festivals of Uzbekistan

The following are the Uzbekistan Holidays and Festivals are observed annually:

  • Day of defenders of the Native land (January, 14th): Among other Uzbekistan Holidays and Festivals, the country celebratesthe creation of its armed forcesunder jurisdiction of the Republic of Uzbekistan on January 14, 1992.

  • Women's day (March, 8th): This is an international holiday celebrating women and coinciding with the first days of spring.

  • Day of memory and honour (May, 9th): The Uzbekistan's Top Festivals And Events include a memorial day celebrated in the capital of Uzbekistan Tashkent where on May 9th, 1999 the Square of Memory was inaugurated in the honour of the memory of compatriots who protected Uzbekistan's freedom and independence.

  • Independence Day (September, 1st): This is the biggest national holiday celebrated among some of the Uzbek Holidays And Traditions is the day of independence and sovereignty which was acheived after a long era of Soviet occupation in the country.

  • New Year: Yillar is the name of the Uzbekistan Festivals which is the New Year celebrations of Uzbeks when they put up a fir tree and decorate it and exchange gifts during this time.

Uzbekistan Festivals
Uzbekistan Festivals
Uzbekistan Festivals

What are Uzbekistan tourism festivals and events?

Various Uzbekistan tourism festivals and events are as follows:

  • Navruz (March, 21st): The most ancient Uzbekistan Festivals is Navruz, meaning "new day", which is considered to be the beginning of a new year. Many Uzbek families prepare national dishes including Sumalak, Halim, Somsa, Pilov and others. If you are visiting Uzbekistan during the spring you can experince this unique festical and taste various Uzbek cuisines.

  • Boysun Bahori: The local Celebration in Uzbekistan takes place majorly in Among these the biggest and perhaps the most culturally significant event is the Boysun Bahori. This festival features costumes, songs, dance performances, storytelling, and other local traditions which have withstood the test of time. Visiting Uzbekistan in spring will also let you enjoy this amazing traditional festival.

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