Uzbekistan Food

Uzbekistan Food

Overview About Uzbekistan Food

Surrounded by double-landlocked countries, Uzbekistan has gained popularity for architectural monuments, vibrant culture, iconic places and Uzbekistan Food. The cities on Silk Road in Uzbekistan Tours not only packed with the impressive monuments, it's also famous for its alluring culture and traditions, reseroirs, museums and last but not the least Uzbekistan Food as well as the international cuisines.

There are some of the most favourable dishes that can be enjoyed in Uzbekistan Tours.

Traditional Uzbekistan Food

  • Plov

As famous in all the countries of Central Asia, plov is the most favoured and common Uzbekistan Food. The ingredients are moderately fat lamb, chickpea, raisin, medium grain rice, carrot, cumin, and egg.

  • Samsa

Samsa or Samosa are made by filling the lamb, beef and potato and the ingredients are milk, butter and flour.

  • Shashlik

Known as the most delicious Uzbekistan Food, Shashlik's ingredients are lamb, beef, chicken, liver and ground beef. Served with thinly sliced onion, one can go for the meat of beef or lamb or chicken, attached by a stick.

  • Beshbarmak

Beshbarmak is made of homemade noodles, horse meat, and lamb/beef. It can be served with broth and yogurt.

  • Tukhum Barak

Tukhum Barak is the only Uzbekistan Food found in Khiva and made by plain dough, filling: eggs, milk, and sunflower oil.

  • Dolma

Dolma is made of stuffed vegetables including peppers and cabbage leaves and can be found especially in Mediterranean and Turkish cuisine. It comes under Uzbekistan-Cuisine Food and meat is added to Dolma to give a different taste.

  • Fried Lagman

The fried lagman is prepared by frying the noodles with peppers, onions, tomatoes paste, and other vegetables.

  • Kazan Kabob

Kazan Kabob can be called as lamb on bones with potato and oil.

  • Nohat Shorak

Nohat Shorak is made with chick peas and meat. It can be served with broth and kazy.

  • Manti

Mantis is large steamed dumplings which are filled with ground lamb or beef and one of most popular Uzbekistan Food. Extra fat is often added to the dumplings to enhance the flavour.

  • Naryn

Naryn is famous as a unique Uzbekistan Food. Naryn is a salad of cold noodles topped up with horse meat, or beef or lamb. Other compositions are cumin, black pepper, egg, and kazy.

  • Shivit Oshi

Known as the most colourful Uzbekistan Food, Shivit Oshi are basically infused veg-noodles, and made by the fried meat, potatoes, pepper, tomatoes, carrot. It is served with the yogurt on its side.

Uzbekistan Food
Uzbekistan Food
Uzbekistan Food

Uzbekistan soups

  • Moshkhurda

As one of most pleasurable Uzbekistan Drinks, Moshkhurda is a fried soup with mung beans. The ingredients are mung beans, rice, meat, onions, carrot, potatoes, tomatoes, fresh greens, salt and pepper.

  • Lagman

Lagman soup is made of homemade noodle, lamb or beef, carrot, celery stalk, red sweet pepper, seasonal vegetables, garlic, and cilantro.

  • Shurpa

Known as a slow cooked soup, Shurpa is a mix composition of fresh lamb with bone, onion, tomato, carrot, green bell pepper, potatoes, chickpeas, salt, pepper, and cumin.

  • Kuza Shurpa

Kuz Shrpa is made of lamb on bone, carrot, green bell pepper, and potato.

  • Mastava

Mastava is made by garnishing the beef, carrot, rice, potato, tomato (paste), and cilantro with sour cream.

  • Chuchvara

Chuchvara is boiled dough filled with small portions of ground meat and onion.

Uzbekistan Salads

  • Achichuk

Achichuk is made by tomato, cucumber, and onion.

  • Vesenniy Salad

Vesenniy Salad is a seasonal salad which is available from early spring till late autumn. The compositions are plain yogurt, cucumber, red radish, greens.

  • Suzma

Suzma is made by drained plain yogurt and salt.

Make your vacation in Uzbekistan more exciting and entertaining by adding some flavours with it.

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