Uzbekistan Drinks

Uzbekistan Drinks

The national drink of Uzbekistan is Tea, especially Green Tea. Due the Russian domination over centuries, Vodka is also popular here. The Uzbekistan Drinks are a must try on your Uzbekistan Tours.

Tea is normally served normally everywhere including; home, office, cafes, tiny stores too. The Uzbeks prefer to drink black tea in winter and green tea in summer as these are popular Uzbekistan Drinks.

The main thing to notice while drinking in Uzbekistan is; the host will always attempt not to fill your cup, if the cup is filled, it may mean that you need to leave soon.

While serving, the left hand is considered impure. Make sure to take and give the tea in right hand only.

Uzbekistan has a vast number of tea drinkers;they rarely pour milk in their tea. All the meals generally start and end with a cup of tea.

Uzbekistan Drinks
Uzbekistan Drinks
Uzbekistan Drinks

Alcoholic Drinks in Uzbekistan:

Alcohol is a daily routine for most in Uzbekistan especially Russians. The Vodka introduced by Soviets are now a culture in Uzbekistan.

Some of the Uzbek People drink as much as a Russian can drink Vodka. They also have Koumiss [fermented mare's milk] which is mainly made by the Nomadic herders or the settled Uzbek farmers and traders.

The main Alcohol drinks available are; Sweet champagne, sweet beer, Sweet wine and most common Vodka as part of Uzbekistan Drinks.

They also have a sweet Iranian-style wine called Shakhrisyabz. A thick yeast and fizzy drink called Bozo, which is made of fermented grains. The camel's milk is fermented and made a drink called Shubat.

Uzbekistan drinking age is above 20 years old and sales of alcohol to minors below the age of 20 are restricted that you will come across on Uzbekistan Tours.

Uzbekistan people drink Vodka in Porcelain tea bowls. The social houses and parties have endless streams of toasts and speeches.

Uzbekistan has special licensed shops selling Wine, Vodka and other available drinks. Beer is available in every shop and is treated as soft drink which does not require any license to sell.

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