Uzbekistan – Cuisine & Food

Uzbekistan – Cuisine & Food

Overview About Uzbekistan – Cuisine & Food

Uzbekistan is the perfect place for food lovers due to delicious and spicy Uzbekistan- Cuisine & Food. Uzbekistan Tours represents the elegant archaeological beauties, natural sights, vibrant culture, and cuisine in front the world.

Uzbekistan, the country in the southern part of Central Asia, has gained the popularity for its spice bazaars and beautiful landscapes apart from the ancient architectural monuments and sculptures. As its major cities are linked to ancient trade route,the Great Silk Road, the spices with different flavours were brought by the caravan traders.

The ancient cities which has suffered the attack of conquerors and witneesed the rules of different empires, today has become the modern city with a great prolonged history.

During Uzbekistan Toursthe alluring culture and traditions, reservoirs, museums, theatres and Uzbekistan – Cuisine & Food as well as the international cuisines can amaze you.

You can take the taste of unique flavour of different Uzbekistan Food like plov, shashlik, lagman and others in the hotels and Restautrants in Uzbekistan. Not only the foods, Uzbekistan Drinks or soups like moshkhurda, shurpa, kuza shurpa, mastava and many others are also very popular among the international cuisines.

You can enjoy any Uzbekistan Cuisine & Food in different hotels, restaurants. For plov, the most famous Central Asian dish, in the Central Asian Plov Centre in Tashkent is the best place to enjoy the plov.

Traditional Uzbekistan Food

  • Plov

  • Samsa

  • Shashlik

  • Beshbarmak

  • Tukhum Barak

  • Dolma

  • Fried Lagman

  • Kazan Kabob

  • Nohat Shorak

  • Manti

  • Norin

  • Shivit Oshi

Uzbekistan – Cuisine & Food
Uzbekistan – Cuisine & Food
Uzbekistan – Cuisine & Food

Uzbekistan soups

  • Moshkhurda

  • Lagman

  • Shurpa

  • Kuza Shurpa

  • Mastava

  • Chuchvara

Uzbekistan Salads

  • Achichuk

  • Vesenniy Salad

  • Suzma

For Uzbekistan Transfer, there are different mode of transport like taxi, bus, railway, and intercity flights.

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