Celebration In Uzbekistan

Celebration In Uzbekistan

Overview About Celebration In Uzbekistan

As a country with vibrant culture, Uzbekistan become colourful and full of crowd on the entertainment places in Uzbekistan . The true colour of the significance of Uzbekistan culture can be seen in the way of they celebrating the festivals, in their traditional customs and many more during the time of Celebration In Uzbekistan.

On Uzbekistan Tours, you can watch and also participate the Celebration In Uzbekistan. The concerts on memorial places, folk festivals, performance in theatre are the main attractions otherthan the visiting the mirrors of the history- The architectural monuments. Usually there are 7 public holidays for the Celebration In Uzbekistan.

New Year

One of the most important Celebration In Uzbekistan is New Year festival, called as Yillar. The celebration normally takes place at the time of Christmas and the Christmas trees with lot of decoration can be seen everywhere. People exchange the gifts with each other and enjoy the party and welcome the person in Santa costume during this festival. In the major cities of Uzbekistan the concerts are held and in the high-end restaurants, the live performances and dance take place during Uzbekistan Tours.

Day of Defenders of the Motherland

As the celebration of the defenders of Uzbekistan, this day is devoted to the Uzbekistan armed forces which were created on 14th January 1992. In the ceremony, the representatives of the Ministry of Defence, Ministry of Internal Affairs, National Security Service and other institutions participate to respect and encourage the army personnel.

Celebration In Uzbekistan
Celebration In Uzbekistan
Celebration In Uzbekistan

International Women's Day

At the time of International Women's Day in 8th March, there is spring season in Uzbekistan. The Celebration In Uzbekistan for the women day is celebrated by devoting the fine toasts, poems, songs and dances for them. On this day, the annual concert is held in every year on the stage of Istiklol Palace by the local pop stars. In the clubs and theatre, the greetings for women can be heard.


“Navruz” means “New day” in Iranian language which is also an Iranian New Year. Held in March 21 of every year, Navruz is celebrated as a day for the revival and renewal by celebrating the event. The families and local communities of Uzbekistan prepare for the large and expensive feasts to enjoy this day.

Memory and Honor Day

In 9th May, the people of Uzbekistan celebrate the Memory Day. This holiday is known as the day of warm sadness, reverent respect, pride and profound gratitude. As one of the most important Celebration In Uzbekistan, this celebration reminds the lost lives of more than more than 450 thousand people in World war II.

Honor day in 9th May is one of the famous Uzbekistan Festivals, which has celebrated every year by congratulating their veterans, through festive concerts, feasts, charity events, awards with prizes are held in all cities.

Day of Remembrance of the Victims of Political Repressions

Celebrated in 31st August, this day reminds Uzbeks about the patriots, freedom fighters, who became the victims of political repressions during conquest by Soviet Union, NEP campaign, Jadids movement, and the cotton case in 80’s.

Independence Day

On the Independence Day of 1st September, one can watch the real picture of Uzbekistan Culture & Traditions as the freedom and sovereignty freely expressed by the Uzbek people. After the speech of the President in Tashkent, performances are played by the singers and dancers and the display of large fireworks.

Teacher's Day

The Teacher's Day is celebrated in the 1st October on every year and also known as a red-lettered day. The festive performances, parody show, morning performances and concerts are held in different schools and universities.

Constitution Day

As the constitution of the Republic of Uzbekistan was accepted on 8th December 1992 by the Oliy Majli, this day is celebrated as the Constitution days. The constitution comprises of 6 sections, 26 chapters and 128 articles.

Ramadan Khait (Eid-ul-Fitr)

Uzbekistan, as an Islam country, this festival continues a month of fasting, abstinence, and prayer. In the last day, the festival celebrated by arranging a large feasts.

Kurban Khait (Eid-Al-Adha)

Known as one of the biggest holidays in the Islamic world, Kurban Khait or Eid-Al-Adha is celebrated after Ramadan and continued for 70 days by sacrificing the sheeps, cows and camels.

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