Uzbekistan Highlights

Uzbekistan Highlights

Known as the home of Central Asia, Uzbekistan has a long history of the conquest by different empires and boasts the architectural monuments as Uzbekistan Highlights on Uzbekistan Tours.

Overview Of Uzbekistan Highlights

Uzbekistan cities on the Great Silk Road, the greatest trading highway that runs from Chine through Central Asia to Europe, consists of historical monuments which represents the architectural beauty. Uzbekistan Highlights includes exploring the ancient civilizations of the Silk Road and enjoying the outstanding architectural work by using marvel and tiles of famous mosques and minarets on Uzbekistan Tours.

Uzbekistan Highlights Points Of Attraction

  • Samarkand and Registan Square

Samarkand city is on the top of the Highlights of Uzbekistan Tours and mostly famous for the iconic sites, Registan Squares, the most spectacular architectural ensemble in Central Asia.

Registan square is surrounded by the three beautifully restored Madrasas and was built by, Ulugh Beg, the famous 15th century astronomer and Timurid ruler. According to history, the square was originally used for public gatherings ranging from public executions to royal decrees.

  • Artisans and Architecture of Bukhara

The madrasas and minarets of Bukhara are famous which are reflects the ancient history of Uzbekistan. Bukhara is on the top of the list of Travel Highlights of Uzbekistan of every traveller. The unmatched beauty of Kalyan minaret saved itself from being destroyed by Ghengis Khan in 1220 when the rest of the city was completely destroyed. The former capital Bukhara is a centre of Islamic learning with having more than 300 mosques. The 80 madrasas of the city make this city as the holiest city.

There are artisans who are selling the carpets, silk embroidery and other crafts made by them in the home.

Uzbekistan Highlights
Uzbekistan Highlights
Uzbekistan Highlights
  • UNESCO City of Khiva

Renovated several times, Khiva was the first place in Uzbekistan to receive the award as UNESCO World Heritage status. As home of Ichan Qala Fortress, which was listed in the world heritage sites of UNESCO and known as one of the most complete and best-preserved on the ancient Silk Road. Named after the place where water was discovered in the desert, Khiva's importance as a well-placed oasis meant that it outlived the era of the Silk Road and remained powerful until the time of The Great Game.

Khiva was the place where Richmond Shakespear, a young British lieutenant abolished the practice of capturing Russian slaves in 1840. For Ichan Qala and outstanding monuments, Khiva is one of Uzbekistan Highlights.

  • Fergana Valley

Fergana Valley stretching in between north-east mountain ranges and south-east mountain ranges can be seen in Uzbekistan Map Highlights.

Fergana Region is an inland basin which gets water resources from streams and rivers from the surrounding mountains. Due to abundance of water, this region is an extreme fertile region and home of some exceptional crafts. It is famous for its silk production and is a pivotal area on the ancient silk route.

  • Marvel at colourful mosaic buildings

The architectural works and designs on the monuments of Uzbekistan like mosques, madrasas, minarets and other historical architecture are simply amazing. Work on the marvel and tile on the famous mosques and minarets of Uzbekistan are the most impressive work in the world.

  • Juma and panjvakta mosques

Known as the home of Central Asia, Uzbekistan has a long history of the conquest by different empires and boasts the architectural monuments as Uzbekistan Highlights on Uzbekistan Tours.

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