Ichan Kala In Khiva

Ichan Kala In Khiva

Introduction About Ichan Kala In Khiva

Known as the inner world town of Khiva, Itchan-Kala In Khiva was a stepping stone or a stock place along the Silk Road for the caravans. Covering 30 hectares area, Ichan Qala or Ichan Kala is located in the historical centre of Khiva with the fortified wall of height of 10 metres. Inside of the wall, there are more than 50 historical monuments and 250 houses of ancient times can be seen during Uzbekistan Tours.

Listed on the top of Khiva Tourist Attractions, Itchan-Kala In Khiva was the first archaeological site in Central Asia to be listed in UNESCO World Heritage List. On Khiva Tours, one can find four darwazas which are Ata Darwaza-western gate, Bagcha Darwaza-northern gate, Palvan Darwaza-eastern gate and Tash Darwaza-southern gate.

Itchan-Kala In Khiva History

During Uzbekistan Tours, one can see more than 400 traditional dwelling structures inside of Itchan-Kala In Khiva, which were built in between 16th and 19th centuries. According to the History Of Uzbekistan and archaeological findings, the construction of Ichan-Kala was started during 1598.

Ata-Darwaza of Itchan-Kala In Khiva was built in 1842 and destroyed in 1920. Palvan Darwaza was built in between 1804 and 1806. In 1975, all gates were restored.

Ichan Kala In Khiva
Ichan Kala In Khiva
Ichan Kala In Khiva

Itchan-Kala In Khiva Highlighted Point Of Attraction

Famous for Ichan-Kala, Khiva Tours offers to walk on the Ichan-Kala street running from the western gate to the eastern gate has the most interesting buildings

Near the Ata Darwaza, the western gate, Kunya-Ark Fortress, one of the major Khiva Tourist Attractions. On the left of the western gate, Muhammad Amin-Khan Madrasah, the largest Khiva madrasah can be found. The most beautiful Kalta Minar with a height of 29 meters is situated at a few distances from the madrassah.

The magnificent Muhammad Rakhim-Khan Madrasah can be found closed to the centre of Ichan-Kala. Tash-Khauli Palace and Allakuli-Khan Madrasah which once housed the town’s library is situated near to the eastern gate.

Other highlighted attractions are Sayyid Alauddin Mausoleum, Islam Khodja Ensemble, Shergazi-Khan Madrasah and Pakhlavan Mahmud Mausoleum. All the monuments in Itchan-Kala In Khiva are known for their well designed architecture and decorated by azure, blue and white majolica. For Ichan-Kala, the Best Time To Visit Uzbekistan are in spring and autumn season.

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