Fayzabad Khanqah

Fayzabad Khanqah

Fayzabad Khanqah Overview

The Fayzabad Khanqah is considered as the noblest of monuments of Bukhara on Uzbekistan Tours and it also serves for every-day prayers for people living locally here. On your, Bukhara Tours you can witness the great architectural style of the 16th Century which is the greatest embodiment of symmetry and precision.

History Of The Fayzabad Khanqah

Built-in 1598-1599 by Sufi Mavlono Poland-Mukhammad Ahsi the Faizabad Khanaka In Bukhara had two functions then. Being the place of prayers there were many Sufi rites in the Fayzabad Khanqah which was also the provisional residence of dervishes.

Fayzabad Khanqah
Fayzabad Khanqah
Fayzabad Khanqah

Fayzabad Khanqah Design and Architecture

The architecture of the Fayzabad Khanqah is truly marvelous. With a well-balanced facade constructed on the stepped portal, the building boasts its grandiose arched-domes. Located in the center of the building the main dome, is commonplace as visible from the outside, but its interiors are ornamented with the stunning two-tone decoration of the ganch. On your, Bukhara Tours you can still witness the religious atmosphere that prevails here.

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