Uzbekistan Language

Uzbekistan Language

Uzbekistan Language Overview

The official Uzbekistan Language is Uzbek and it is spoken by almost 85% of people in Uzbekistan while rest people speak Russian that you will witness on Uzbekistan Tours.

The Uzbekistan Language has officially been written in the Latin alphabet. The language is influenced by Russian, Arabic and Persian.

The main Uzbekistan Language belongs to the south-eastern or Turkic language group.

Unlike other languages belonging to the Turkic language family, Uzbek does not have vowel harmony which is a type of phonological process involving the limitation on which vowels may be used next to each other in a sentence.

The second most spoken language in Uzbekistan is Russian, with an estimated 5.4% of people speaking the language. The Russian language remains an essential language for interethnic communication in the country. The city experiences a lot of day to day activities and use Russian as primary language by 14% of people and other use it as secondary language. The large percentage of school going children has zero proficiency in Russian language.

Uzbekistan Language
Uzbekistan Language
Uzbekistan Language

The other languages spoken in Uzbekistan are; Tajik language is the third language spoken in Uzbekistan since the Tajiks comprise of 4% of people. The language is widely spoken in Rhiston and Chust in Feranga valley, and other regions. However, about 10-15% of the country's population speaks the Tajik language.

The spread of English in Uzbekistan greatly differs from that of Russian; uzbek people realize that English is significant in all regards when it comes to pursuing international education, attaining a good career and keeping up with the rapid pace of world changes. They greatly favour the English language, seeing it a key to successful and prosperous life.

The English language owns the status of foreign language in Uzbekistan. However, the government wants to see the language become a second language, fluently used by society, especially the younger generation that you will come across on Uzbekistan Tours.

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