Uzbekistan Travel Books

Uzbekistan Travel Books

Overview About Uzbekistan Travel Books

On your Uzbekistan Tours the following Uzbekistan Travel Books suggestions will be helpful for you to have a great and fulfilling Journey:

Best books on Uzbekistan for the first-time traveler

  • A Carpet Ride to Khiva- Christopher Alexander: This book describes the transformation of the author from being a naive do-gooder to the driving force setting up Khiva's now-famous handmade carpet workshop for 7 years.

  • The Railway Hamid Ismailov: The novel set in Uzbekistan between 1900 and 1980 introduces the reader to the inhabitants of the small town of Gilas. An interesting narrative of alternative history has been portrayed in the book.

Other good books about Uzbekistan

Some other Popular Uzbekistan Travel Books are:

  • The Sands of Oxus - Sadriddin Aini: This is a beautiful Uzbekistan Travel Books by the national poet of Tajikistan and is a worthy read.

  • The Hundred Thousand Fools of God: Musical Travels in Central Asia - Theodore Levin: This book has a fascinating portrayal of cultural life in Uzbekistan and Tajikistan.

  • Soul - Andrey Platonov: A man who is seeking to convert his people set against the backdrop of the harsh deserts of Soviet Uzbekistan is a great Book For Traveling In Uzbekistan.

  • Chasing the Sea - Tom Bissell: After a Peace Corps Volunteer returns to Uzbekistan he travels around with his womanizer-guide, injecting a history lesson now and again into the story.

  • Cancer Ward - Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn: Among other Uzbekistan Travel Books you must read the Solzhenitsyn which is about sick people in a hospital in Uzbekistan. The book serves as a metaphor for the sickness of the Soviet system.

Uzbekistan Travel Books
Uzbekistan Travel Books
Uzbekistan Travel Books

What are the Guidebooks to refer to?

On your Uzbekistan Tours you can refer to the following guidebooks:

  • Odyssey Guide to Uzbekistan - Bradley Mayhew: This Uzbekistan Guide Book like all Odyssey guides, lacks a lot of practical detail, but makes up for it with the most methodical investigation of Uzbekistan's culture and points of interest.

  • Bradt Guide to Uzbekistan: This book is quite better than the previous one and is written by the same author.

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