Bukhara Vicinity

Bukhara Vicinity

Overview About Bukhara Vicinity

In the Bukhara Vicinity, you will find over 140 medieval structures that have been preserved over many centuries and are the greatest attractions of Uzbekistan Tours. The magnificent minarets with majolica decorations, with Arab literature inscribed on its walls, is simply marvelous. You will encounter carved furniture, spices, silk carpets and gold embroidered products that are great choices of souvenirs on your Bukhara Tours.

Gijduvan Museum of Ceramics

The skills of Gijduvan ceramics school of art have been passed through generations and the Narzullayevs family which is currently the sixth generation of potters of this art form are world renown and are a must choice for your souvenirs on Bukhara Tours.

Jeyran Eco-centre

In the Bukhara Vicinity, you can encounter the Jeyran Ecocenter which was established in 1997 to breed and protect of exceptional and endangered species of animals. This place is another intriguing Bukhara Sight.

Bukhara Vicinity
Bukhara Vicinity
Bukhara Vicinity

Memorial complex of Naqshbandi

On your Uzbekistan Tours, you can visit the Memorial Complex of Khoja Bakhautdin Naqshbandi the world-renowned Muslim shrines in Bukhara. Many Muslims from all over the world visit this amazing complex due to its historical and religious significance.

Sitorai Mokhi-Khosa Palace

The Sitorai Mokhi-Khosa Palace in the Bukhara Vicinity is another living example of Arabic Architecture that has survived over the years. There are two territories quartered in the palace. The three-house complex of Abdul-Akhad-khan is an Old Palace with traditional two-story buildings which were earlier Bukharian dwelling houses.

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