Mausoleum of Sayf ad-Din Boharzi

Mausoleum of Sayf ad-Din Boharzi

Overview About Mausoleum of Sayf ad-Din Bokharzi

Dedicated to Sayf ad-Din Bokharzi, a Khoraseni sheikh, Mausoleum of Sayf ad-Din Bokharzi has got the place in Uzbekistan Tours due to magnificence of shapes, construction shapes, and great architecture. Sayf ad-Din al-Bokharzi was born in 1190 and was the follower of Nadjmid ad-Din Kubro, who has established "Kubraviya" the Sufi order.

After the death of Sayf ad-Din Bokharzi, a local sheikh, poet and a theologian in 1261, a khanaka was built over his grave and became the center of Kubravi order in Bukhara. Mausoleum of Sayf ad-Din Bokharzi had served as a place for dervish rites where the pilgrims could get the shelter, food, clothes, and footwear. Buyan Kuli Khan, the follower of Bokharzi was buried opposite to the Bokharzi. In 1358, a mausoleum was built over the grave of Buyan Kuli Khan and later included in Uzbekistan Tours as a sacred place.

The construction of first building of mausoleum above the grave of Bokharzi was completed in early 14th century. But the last building of mausoleum over the Ancient Tomb Sayf Al-Din Boharzi in Bukhara completed in the second half of 14th century whereas, its portal was built later. Though the roof and walls of monument were restored, Mausoleum of Sayf ad-Din Boharzi was badly damaged in the earthquake in 1976.

During the reign of Soviet Union, Saif ed-Din Bokharzi & Bayan-Quli Khan Tombs were entirely restored by the direction of architect A. Bogoduhov and engineer Y. Golshtein.

Mausoleum of Sayf ad-Din Boharzi
Mausoleum of Sayf ad-Din Boharzi
Mausoleum of Sayf ad-Din Boharzi

Location Of Mausoleum of Sayf ad-Din Boharzi

On Bukhara Tours, the Mausoleum Of Sufists Sayf Ad-Din Al-Bakharzi And Buyan Kuli Khan can be found near to each other in the settlement called Fathabad located in east Bukhara.

Mausoleum of Sayf ad-Din Boharzi Highlighted Point Of This Attraction

Mausoleum of Sayf ad-Din Boharzi In Bukhara is known for its incredible curves design, structure of construction, simplicity and clarity of the architecture.  The building consists of the burial-vault, called as “gurhana” and commemoration room or ziyaratkhana. Over the Mausoleum of Sayf ad-Din Boharzi, there are two domes; one is bigger and the other is smaller. The architecture of wooden gravestone of the 14th century in gurhana is the notable one.

During the Vacation In Uzbekistan, you will find the Bayankulikhan mausoleum with its double-room encircled by the hidden corridor. There is a portal ark on the main facade of the building on the mausoleum walls. Ziyaratkhana is small and shady. This mausoleum’s elegance and magnificent architecture speciality is the curvy spray terracotta of blue, dark-blue and white tones.

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