Vacation In Uzbekistan

Vacation In Uzbekistan

There are a lot of things to do during Vacation in Uzbekistan, the country is been a rich of culture and traditions. The customs, languages, arts, spiritual and cultural heritage attracts more people to be on Uzbekistan Tours. You can visit the country any time around the year and experience the most of it by participating in Uzbekistan's Top Festivals And Events.

There are few things to do while on vacation in Uzbekistan as per Uzbekistan Travel Guide:

Reach the “Golden Valley”, the Fergana Valley:

It is one of the famous valleys mainly for its horses. The Feranga valley is a land of mastered potters, skilled wood carvers and the most expert weavers. You can visit the fragrant vineyard and try some crisp fresh bread and rich pilaf during Holidays and Festivals of Uzbekistan.

Climb the minaret of Islam Hodja in Khiva:

Khiva is the city with spectacular architectural monuments. There are many places named after Islam Hodja, some of them includes a mosque and a madrasa, plus the tallest minaret in Khiva, which has become the symbol of the city. The minaret reaches 45 m (150 ft). This is a must visit place for Uzbeks during the public holidays in Uzbekistan.

Ask for luck from HodjaNasreddin in Bukhara:

While in Uzbekistan make sure to stop at the statue of NasreddinHodja and ask for luck. He was a famous story teller and satirist. In your Upcoming Uzbekistan Public Holidays visit the place and just rub his shoes to bring luck in love and business.

Buy a sheet of traditional mulberry paper in Samarkand:

The Mukhtarov brothers have founded a workshop to make paper from mulberry according to techniques perfected over centuries. Mulberry paper has been used to write manuscripts since as long as Samarkand has been a spiritual and intellectual centre, since the paper is so durable. Hence, do not forget to get one of these while in Uzbekistan Tours.

Spend a night in the Kyzylkum Desert:

During Uzbekistan Holidays and Festivals most of the Uzbeks take a trip to the Nurata Mountains, where you can see Stone Age petroglyphs, or enjoy the serenity of the Kyzylkum Desert, with nothing but yurts, camels, food cooking over the fire, and the broad sky.

Vacation In Uzbekistan
Vacation In Uzbekistan
Vacation In Uzbekistan

Experience the beauty of Sufism:

You can visit a number of holy sites, but to experience the beauty of Sufism you will need to visit the most holy is the Mausoleum of BahauddinNaqshbandi, who founded an important Sufi order. In Tashkent, make sure to stop at Hast-Imam Square, where one of the oldest Qurans in the world is held. It is a must visit place while on Uzbekistan Tourism Festivals and Events.

Pay homage to Savitsky:

The capital city Nukus has an incredible museum. The museum and its collection comes from Igor Savitsky, an artist and archaeologist who spent 30 years in Karakalpakstan. He started gathering jewelry, clothing, and other items traditional to Karakalpakstan, eventually opening a museum in the 1960s, and then filling it out with paintings by well-known but banned avant-garde Soviet painters.

Hike through the Gulkam Canyon:

If you have time and need a addon trip to spend outside of Tashkent, make sure to book a trip to Gulkam Canyon, in the Chimgan Mountains. You can add a little adventure to your time in Uzbekistan, or have a relaxation from ciy crowd. Add something new and different to your vacation in Uzbekistan, with a Gulkam Canyon tour.

These are the things which you can do while on Vacations in Uzbekistan and make sure you enjoy your day with more of knowledge of Uzbek Holidays And Traditions in Uzbekistan.

You can read here to know about Uzbekistan Festivals. Our Uzbekistan Travel Advice is to plan your trip in Spring or Autumn and get all the necessary Uzbekistan Travel Requirements. The travel guides help you in getting all the right information about Uzbekistan Highlights and different topics. We at EuroAsia Travels can plan your vacation and help you enjoy the most of Uzbekistan.

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