Uzbekistan Entry & Exit Requirements

Uzbekistan Entry & Exit Requirements

Entering to Uzbekistan is easy as long as your papers are in order. It is important to fill two identical customs forms and declare every penny of foreign currency on them during Uzbekistan Entry & Exit Requirements especially on your Uzbekistan Tours.


Uzbek Visas are relatively easy to obtain and most of the nationalists no longer require a letter of invitation.

As per the new Uzbekistan Visa Policy, many nationalities get free access to Uzbekistan without a Visa, this attracts many new travellers and makes country an attractive destination. The Uzbekistan Entry & Exit Requirements is therefore an important necessity.

The visa free travel varies from 90 days, 60 days and 30 day stay; the period of time which they can spend in Uzbekistan differs from nationalities.

90 Days - Armenia, Azerbaijan, Belarus, Kazakhstan, Russia, Ukraine

60 Days - Only Kyrgyzstan

30 Days - Israel, Indonesia, Japan, Malaysia, Singapore, Tajikistan, Turkey

However, there is a list of 60 countries, so you can check with the particular embassy before you book.

You can also easily apply for E-Visa online and make sure to follow these details on Uzbekistan Entry & Exit Requirements.

  • Passport - Every applicant needs to have passport and should have validity of at least 6 months from the date of arrival to Uzbekistan.

  • Digital Scan of your passport

  • Digital Passport photo

  • Email address

Uzbekistan Entry & Exit Requirements
Uzbekistan Entry & Exit Requirements
Uzbekistan Entry & Exit Requirements

Visa Extensions:

Extensions are not given to tourist visa holders. However, you can visit nearby Kazakhstan or Kyrgyzstan to buy a new visa. Business visas are easier to extend.

Travel Permits:

Border permits are required for remote mountain areas that you will come across on Uzbekistan Tours. You may need a help of travel agency to get a border permit.


The registration rules are strict in Uzbekistan compared to other countries. The law states you will need to register within 3 days of arriving in Uzbekistan.

Custom Regulations:

On arrival you will need to fill out 2 identical custom declaration forms, you will need to declare every cent of every type of money. You should also declare your prescription medicines and preferably bring the medicine with you.

Handicrafts over 50 years old cannot be taken out of Uzbekistan.

Arriving and leaving overland, the custom officials will likely want to see your phone and check the photos for any pornography or any related sensitive material.

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