Necropolis Chor-Bakr

Bukhara Vicinity Necropolis Chor-Bakr

The Necropolis Chor-Bakr is located just few kilometers from the west of Bukahara and commonly called as city of dead. You can witness the most unsually landmarks to Chor-Bakr which is the fiedls are separated by rows of mulberry trees. The first grave appeared was long ago which is thousand years old. Now, it is a magnificent architectural ensemble, visited by thousands of pilgrims while in Uzbekistan Tours.

History Of The Necropolis Chor-Bakr:

The Chor-Bakr Necropolis near Bukhara is popular among locals. The Abu Bakr of Sajad was burried here and  the great-grandson a sufiya undertook improvement of a mazar. An important element greens of trees and lawns enter into ensemble. You can find a complex - a hanaka, mosque and madrasah. This minaret imitates in a miniature a minaret Kalyan. This site was built during the era of Uzbek leader Muhammad Shaybani at the purported burial site of Abu Bakr Said and his son Abu Bakr Ahmad. The site became a popular location for ceremonies and prayers in the 16th century as per Uzbekistan travel advice.

Necropolis Chor-Bakr
Necropolis Chor-Bakr
Necropolis Chor-Bakr

Necropolis Chor-Bakr Design and Architecture:

The constructions in the Chor Bakr Memorial Complex have richly decorated polychromatic tiles. In many courtyards above burial places, marble gravestones with epigraphic inscriptions, and vegetative and geometrical ornaments, are installed.

Khazira is a kind of burial structure, consisting of a courtyard surrounded by solid walls, with a single entrance in the form of beautifully decorated gate. It is this structure of the tomb which distinguishes Chor-Bakr from other religious burials in Uzbekistan, for instance the Shakhi-Zinda Necropolis. The whole complex is built the same way.

This site was added to the UNESCO World Heritage Tentative List on 18 January 2008, in the Cultural category. Hence, it is one of the tourist attractions in Bukhara.

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Necropolis Chor-Bakr Highlighted Point Of Attraction:

The main highlighted point of attraction  are the tombs at the necropolis of chor-bakr near bukhara. You should know, when Bukhara was under the Samanid dynasty, there lived an old family of Djuybar Seyyids who were Prophet Muhammad's descendants, they played an important role in the city's life. For centuries the Djuybars were buried in this country cemetery.

You can visit the Necropolis Chor-Bakr and feel the breath of world of dead in this unusual and mysterious place. Almost every visitors travelling in Uzbekistan Tours will experience this place.   

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