Sitorai Mokhi-Khosa Palace

Sitorai Mokhi-Khosa Palace

Sitorai Mokhi-Khosa Palace Overview

Known as the sub-urban simmer residence of Bukhara emirs, Sitorai Mokhi-Khosa Palace is one of the Uzbekistan Desinations which displays highly decorated architecture and crafts in the museum. During Bukhara Tours, you can see the finest decorations on the mixed oriental and Bukhara architecture.

The place for the construction of Emir's Summer Palace In Bukhara is chosen on thebasis of the coolest place. The temperature varies inside of the palace and it feels much cool even in the hottest day of summer season. The palace got its name as SitoraiMokhi-Khosa which means "Palace, like the stars and the moon" or “Palace Of Moon-Like Stars”.This name was given by Muzaffar-Khanafter the name of his dead beloved wife Sitora-bonu as he used to compare his beautiful wife with the moon.

Sitorai-Mohi Hosa Palace
Sitorai-Mohi Hosa Palace
Sitorai-Mohi Hosa Palace

History Of The Sitorai Mokhi-Khosa Palace:

Nasrullah Khan, the emir of Bukhara decided to build the SitoraiMokhi-Khosa Palace in the mid 19th century. To choose the coolest place, he ordered to cut the pieces of a lamb and put in the four corner of the city. The place with least decomposed piece is chosen for the construction of palace.

The main building of the palace was constructed during the reign of MuzaffarKhan and reconstructed by Abdul Akhad Khan, the grandson of Nasrullah Khan. Muhammad Alim Khan, the son of Abdul Akhad Khan and the last emir of Bukhara, completed the construction of the new palace in 1917. So, SitoraiMokhi-Khosa Palace is divided into two parts.

Location Of Sitorai Mokhi-Khosa Palace

SitoraiMokhi-Khosa Palace in Bukhara is located 4 kilometres to the north of Bukhara city.

Sitorai Mokhi-Khosa Palace Design and Architecture

The new version made by Alim Khan shows the mixed architecture of European and Uzbekistan Architecture.

On Bukhara Tours, you will find 3 buildings surrounded by the courtyards and the rose gardens. Before reaching the gate of new palace, you will see the old palace with the house of guards and servants. The white hall is decorated in the style of Bukharan stucco ganch, niches and mirrors. This hall is designed and decorated by Master craftsmen ShirinMuradov. The chandelier in the main hall was brought from the Poland. According to the history, the architecture of the palace was made by the idea of Russian engineers Sakovich and Margulis. Most of the furniture like mirrors and front doors were brought from Russia and England.

After the first gate, a square can be found and opposite to the square, a gate with the rich decoration can be found.

The courtyard is surrounded by the rooms which include a banquet hall, a chess room and a teahouse, decorated with luxury items of the day like an early refrigerator, photographs of the emir and a mirror that multiplies 40 times. 

Sitorai Mokhi-Khosa Palace Highlighted Point Of This Attraction

The main attraction of SitoraiMokhi-Khosa Palace is its interior. The decoration of the interior of White Hall or the throne is quite charming for the traditional ganch carving stucco-like traceries on the background of mirrors. The decoration in the interior of the white hall is incredible. A monument of ShirinMuradov, the usto master, can be found in the hall premises.

Each room has their unique decorative pattern like in the reception rooms; you can watch the rich traditional murals on ganch stucco walls.

In Chaikhana or tearoom, you can find the coloured designed on the windows. You can see a large collection of Chinese and Japanese vases. The interiors with the mirrors are highly decorated. There are Venetian, Japanese with boiled glass frames and b a three-leaved mirror with 40 reflections of an object can be seen.

An octagonal guesthouse can be found behind the main palace buildings which exhibits the customes. The harem is decorated by the suzanis from Urgut and Shahrisabz. A zoo can be seen in the campus of the palace.

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