Jeyran Ecocenter

Jeyran Ecocenter

Overview About Jeyran Ecocenter

The Jeyran Ecocenter is a very popular destination that you must visit on your Bukhara Tours. This eco-center spreads over 20 thousand hectares of land and came into existence in 1977. It is a must-visit destination on your Uzbekistan Tours.  

Jeyran Ecocenter Highlights

The Jeyran Ecocenter has the rare breedings of saiga, Bukharan deer, onager, houbara bustard, Przewalski"s horse, and cheetah. The name to the Jeyran Ecocenter In Bukhara was given in 1988 after the eco-center gained fame due to the broadening of activities and achievements on the grounds of breeding. The main activity of the Jeyran Ecocenter in the Bukhara region is to breed rare species animals.

The Jeyran Ecocenter currently hosts around 21 Przewalski"s horses, 56 onagers, and 700 goitered gazelles with exclusive biodiversity. There are more than 300 species of invertebrates, 21 reptile kinds, 260 bird species, 15 species of fish, and 29 species of mammals. You must visit this beautiful ecosystem on your Bukhara Tours.

The major population is of mammals and there around 34 species of mammals in the Ecocenter. Among them are large, midday and red-tailed gerbils, Przhevalsky horse, marcher, gazelle, kulan, Bukhara mountain sheep, long-livered hedgehog, frog-karoganka, dressing, steppe cat, jerboas, etc that you will encounter here on your Uzbekistan Tours.

Jeyran Ecocenter
Jeyran Ecocenter
Jeyran Ecocenter

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