Sufi Tour In Uzbekistan

Sufi Tour In Uzbekistan

The city of Tashkent in Uzbekistan has aspirations to become a second Mecca, a destination for pilgrims from all over the world. Central Asia's most populous country boasts a wealth of well-preserved mosques and shrines in famous Silk Road cities like Samarkand and Bukhara. For millions of Uzbeks these are sacred places and plan to go on Sufi Tour in Uzbekistan.

But for the Uzbek government they also represent an opportunity to boost Uzbekistan Tours as the country opens up after decades of isolationist, authoritarian rule. Samarkand is home to dozens of magnificent tombs.

You can find out some centres of Sufism in Uzbekistan as you are in the main cities of the country and more of the religions and Islamic information if you are on Pilgrimage Sufi tour to Uzbekistan:

Boharzi Mausoleum, Bukhara:

Bokharzi was the famous poet and theologian, receiving the title of Sheikh of the world in the end of his life. The mausoleum attracts with the magnificence of shapes, scale of construction, exceptional simplicity and lucidity of architectural idea.

Fayzabad Khanaqa, Bukhara:

This mosque-khaqah was intended both for five-fold everyday prayers (namaz) and for friday prayers. It was also the place of Sufi rites and the temporary residence of dervishes. Khanqah of Fayzabad is the wonderful creation of that time.

Khoja Ahrar Ensemble, Samarkand:

The name of KhodjaAkhror is inseparably linked with the Uzbekistan history. This famous person, being the leader of the Sufi order Naqshbandiya, had an influence on the development of the political life in the region.

Ruhabad Mausoleum, Samarkand:

The Rukhabad Mausoleum was built in the time of Amir Timur. It was erected over the grave of Islamic theologian and mystic Sheikh BurhaneddinSagaradzhi, much esteemed by Timur's contemporaries.

Sufi Tour In Uzbekistan
Sufi Tour In Uzbekistan
Sufi Tour In Uzbekistan

Shakhi-Zinda Necropolis, Samarkand:

Shakhi-Zinda Necropolis is one of the mysterious and unique architectural monuments of Samarkand. It consists of rows of refine sparkling blue colors tombs. Harmoniously combined in a lively and moving composition, various mausoleums are grouped along the narrow medieval streets.

Zangiata Mausoleum, Tashkent:

The famous mausoleum Zangiata, where Muslim Sheikh Ai-Khodja and his wife were buried is in Tashkent. The Sheikh lived in the 13th century. Zangiata means dark father. He got this nickname because of dark skin of his color. They were followers of the great leader of all Turkic tribes in Central Asia, the Sufi Ahmed Yasawi as per Uzbekistan Travel guide.

Shaykh Hovendi at-Tahur Mausoleum (Shaykhantahur), Tashkent:

The memorial complex of St. Sheikh KhovandiTakhur who lived in the 14th century, includes three buildings: the very tomb of Sheikh Taur, tomb of Kaldirgoch-biy and the mosque. Both tombs include space for two zierathona (a place of worship and praying) and gurhona (a tomb). Tomb is crowned by a semicircular dome.

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