Uzbekistan Extension Tours

Uzbekistan Extension Tours

Introduction About Uzbekistan Extension Tours

Probably thinking how to enjoy the long vacations or extra days left during the tours, then going on Uzbekistan Extension Tours is the best solution. To customize the vacation or business trip or something unique places of your interest on Uzbekistan Tours, the extension tour is really helpful to explore the less visited area or archaeological sites of your own interest, far away from main cities.

Ruled by numerous dynasties from across the world and cradle of vibrant culture, Uzbekistan is packed of historical monuments, forts and museums. Apart from the ancient cities on Great Silk Road, there are some extraordinary and earliest sites in remote area which need attention of the visitors. These off-the-beaten-path attractive travel destinations are the speciality of Uzbekistan Extension Tours.

Destinations For Uzbekistan Extension Tours

Chimgan Mountain And Charvak Lake Tour

Uzbekistan Extensions Tours offers to enjoy Chimgan Mountains, part of Chatkal range of western Tian-Shan, Chimgan Mountain slope which is 80 km from Tashkent is the home of most popular ski resort can be enjoyed during the winter season. On spring and autumn season, the clean mountain air, sunbath, hike, or have a picnic while surrounded by picturesque mountains can cleanse the body and soul of anyone.

A walk on mountain area of the Shore of Charvak Lake is enough to give peace to anyone's mind and relieving the true nature of any human. The spectacular view of the dramatic landscapes covered by the green carpet while combining the flow of blue water lake seems gorgeous.

Gulkam Canyon

Those who want to make their Uzbekistan Tours adventurous; Gulkam Canyon offers opportunities for hiking and trekking activities. This canyon was formed by Gulkam, the mountain stream that forced its way between the Big and Small Chimgan. Climbing to this canyon, one can enjoy the stream with beautiful location, the grove of birch trees, marvel at the waterfalls and dramatic views of steep canyon walls. This is also famous as a picnic spot.

Beldersay Ring

This charming hike to Beldersay Ring with substantial and dramatic landscapes is one of the most interesting things to do in Uzbekistan Extension Tours. Beldersay Ring natural site is famous for the narrow, rocky canyons to waterfalls to broad alpine meadows. Located 75 km form Tashkent; Beldersay is well-known as a picnic place and ski resort. A hike for Beldersay Ring is an amazing place decorated with small birch grove is the best place to relax and enjoy in nature.


Known as the jewel of Uzbekistan, Yangiabad Mountain with an elevation of 5,000 feet is located 118 km far from Tashkent. Hiking on this mountain, can expose anyone to its beautiful waterfalls, scent of pine trees and flowering herbs. The clean air and bright blue skies along with the scenery makes it best place to enjoy and free from all complicated busy life.

Uzbekistan Extension Tours
Uzbekistan Extension Tours
Uzbekistan Extension Tours

Fergana Valley

Stretched in between Tien Shan Mountains in the North and the Alay Mountains in the south are known for its textiles and ceramics around the world. Ok Yer is the village to Kyrgyz craftsmen of wool, while Rishtan is world famous for its ceramics and the Yodgorlik Silk Factory produces silk fabrics with traditional ikat designs. In Uzbekistan Extension Tours, a visit to Fergana Valley is known for Uzbekistan's famous handicrafts from the masters themselves. Visit Khudoyar-Khan palace, Jami Mosque and Norbut-biy Madrasah during the extension tour.


Known as the hottest city in Uzbekistan, Termez city is located on the banks of the Amu Darya River, on the border with Afghanistan. As the first place in Central Asia chosen by Buddhist missionaries, Termez sights are linked with Uzbekistan Religions that linked to Buddhism. The oldest archaeological sites are the remnants of Buddhist monasteries and stupas, complete with colourful frescoes and detailed statues. This city has experienced the conquest by Alexander The Great and also became the house of monuments of Islam religions.

Savitsky Museum

Known as world's second largest collection of Russian avant garde art, a trip to this museum offers to see more than 90, 000 exhibits including the antiquities from Khorezm to Karakalpak folk art and crafts. It was founded by Igor Savitsky, the Russian archaeologist and artists, in Karakalpstan. The enlarged copies of some wonderful exhibits of the Paris Louvre can be found. The unique terracotta figurines of Zoroastrian goddess of fertility Anahita, and the ossuaries for the bodies of deceased ancestor's worshipers, ceramics and bronze, can be seen.


During Uzbekistan Extension Tours in Nukus, visit Karakalpakstan Art Museum, Nukus City Hall, and Drama Theatre and other archaeological sites in Khorezm region is truly worthy.

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